Preseason Game 6: Ottawa at Toronto

Will we see Kelly and/or Masoli in this one?

How about live stats?

Watch on CFL+

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Not a good start to the season for Ottawa. Both are expected to be out for a while.

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I’m predicting no stats again.

Seems likely, unfortunately. I just really hope they go live for the regular season.

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But Ottawa has a lot of good receivers and they won’t miss Evans. Money Hunter will be missed.
Frustrating for these guys to get injured in pre-season

At this point, I’m likely more concerned about Gittens than about Kelly. But glad they’re both OK.

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Argos to start first team. Ottawa starting Tyree Adams, should be a good test for Ottawa on the road.

Looking forward to seeing the phenom, Chad Kelly. and the power house starters for the Argos

Zero starters on offense for Ottawa, except on the O line.
Returner Dedmon not playing either.
Defense is pretty well all backups

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Looks as though Ottawa is not dressing either Masoli or Arbuckle.

I liked some of what I saw from Tyrie Adams last game. I wonder how many snaps they’ll give him this time.

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I think it’d be cool to see long-shot Amlicar Polk get some reps and do well. His numbers with the Gee-Gees don’t jump off the page, but his testing numbers were strong.

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And the Redblacks gameday “movie posters” are back:

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The Argo play by play guys are brutal, terrible


Just no respect for Ottawa by these homers. Ottawa scores a nice TD, great throw, great catch but all we get from the play by play guy is I think it was a blown coverage.

just got home. woah there was some scoring. go REDBLACKS!

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The two starting QBs ran the offenses very well. The backups didn’t perform as well.


Just turned off the Ottawa vs Toronto game. this streaming thing SUCKS… Total embarrassment for the C.F.L. and play by play guys are Brutal just Brutal. I will listen to it on the radio. Very disappointed with this production… just terrible.

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no problems in BC.