Preseason game 2

seeing as it wasn't on TV...
There were definitely some spots won and lost tonight...They lost, but that's fine...a few things were shown:

  • First and foremost...the RB question is hands down answered.
  • For an early season game, Durant started a little slow but made really good decisions an passes while he got comfortable, then was great.
  • The short middle (cross patterns) was susceptible on D.
  • The secondary was blessed with some drops...but some of the bat-downs by them were just stunning...wish it was on TV for all to see....crazy...there were several

The Eskimos looked pretty good. They had several drops in the first half including 2 just horrid ones by wow...they were bad. Felt really bad for Devon Bailey, because he dropped 2 straight swing passes...ouch...and wide open.

If the Esks are sticking with Hugh Charles, then White is likely gone...I would probably jump at him and get him on the PR for a bit at minimum. If he is not cut then Tyler Thomas likely is...might be an even better pickup. Honestly...I think the Esks might keep both of these guys and let Charles go.

The Esks secondary looks improved over last season, but they had no pressure on the QB...Riders line playing that good or Esks no push...not sure.

All of the Esks QBs looked good

for the Riders:
The only thing that likely keeps Sunseri on the team is knowing the playbook. Now, it is very well possible that they looked at him as the #2 guy and have not spent as much time with him and have instead focused on the other 2 guys to determine #3...if that is the case, fine...If not, things did not look good. He moved around in the pocket well, but was scared to pull the trigger on some guys that were open AND he was looking at, and also didn't want to escape the pocket when he could have.

At comparison, no doubt...he IS their guy. I will be plain stunned if he is not the starter. People were high on Allen going into camp...he looked meh last game, and looked bad this game. He is a plow forward guy with no push...he was great at losing yards though. in the third Q they played Allen, and that's when things fell apart for the Riders. He had nothing. Loss loss loss 2 yards loss...maybe it is the blocking? Could be...he got heat in the backfield...but in comes Toston...BOOM...positive yard. His 1st touch in the 3rd won him that job...even with his shabby fumble earlier. I can't see Allen sticking even to PR unless they see something in camp that they are crazy about.

Marshay Green...I just don't know. He had another fumble...okay, that can be worked on but it is one in each game. But he does now how to return, and will be great coverage to...he was in the returners face fast when on punting coverage duties. I'd say he is in, but there could be some question marks with hands and letting the ball bounce...when he gets going he is dangerous...but man that fumble.

Ryan smith misplayed a ball and dropped to his knees for it and I think had i bounce off his throat lol....but he is good...really good. Knows how to get open, solid hands, can return...he is a LOT like Dressler...go figure...same size same school same coaching staff.

Sweeney...I think might have played his way out of a job...pity...He is super fast, and I like his huge potential, and Geroy sings praises on him...but he had a drop on a high pass to keep the final drive going, and dropped a home run that bounced off his numbers earlier...I still think he is good, but there are a lot of receivers and like 6+ need cut....tough break! Perhaps they will over look it...we'll see.

Jermaine Thomas is likely the backup RB, but honestly, I would go with Toston and roll Neil Hughes in when needed, then look to pick up a cut from elsewhere or maybe an NFL cut.

I'm still convinced that Pierzchalski / Anthony at WR is a doable ratio buster, but Taj Smith was money on his 2 TD. Hope at very minimum they are PR guys. the size of Pierzchalski and a National has to be appealing...they need a home for him, and Anthony is a guy that knows how to get open.

David Lee looked pretty good at DE...need to see him in regular season action, but there could be a shocker...Foley and Lee at DE shoring up a ratio spot. Something to watch for.

Ivy didn't impress as much today...not sure how much he played though, so that could be it. I think he was back at Safety on the one TD...however it was got owned and left standing still...pretty sure it was him. Not sure, perhaps he was at LB and there was a safety blitz and he dropped back to fill that, but wow...schooled.

The big surprise could be if John Mark beats out Bartel for punting. He hit the upright on what probably would have ended up winning the game for the Riders (as the Esks last FG was attributed to a TO on downs from the Riders needing to gamble). his placement was great, and awesome hang-time. I would think he is on the PR at minimum and the Riders look for a team with punting woes and potentially move Bartel.

Brian Peters locked down security...had a good game....Issac had a really good game overall though, muddying the waters...will be interesting to see what the y do at LB...could be a dollars and cents play there.

Dylan Ainsworth looked like awesome on ST. He was jacked and right into it. His energy level would be interesting to see actually get some snaps on the DL...and to boot I believe he is a DE!

There were some issues with long snapping, and even a few in shotgun...coulda been the wet, and's preseason. Didnt notice who was snapping them though.

I think there are some tough choices in receivers...they have some darned good guys in camp that are not going to make it. A couple of those are going to be some Canadian casualties that IMO have some serious potential. The next hardest spot will be at LB, and then DE. All in all though...i think there are about 6 players that they really need to sit down and make big decisions on though.

There does not seem to be too much concern with the number 2 QB. Sunseri still may be a number 2 someday but he looked terrible in pre season and if Durant goes down it will betrouble. reminds me a bit of Demarco situation in BC last year.
I know in 2012 they brought in a variety of different QBs to fight for the back up job. Willy turned out to shine quickly. They also brought in Colt Brennan he was not interested or pre pared but they also brought a NFL journeyman like JT O. who proved to be very intersted and very prepared.
Just wondering why they really only brought in two almost raw rookies to pro football who are just in the developmental stages?
Just some thoguhts i had that someone may bring some light upon it for me.
Or maybe they do have their eye on someone who may be released

Because they had higher expectations of their #2 guy. Even BT has stated that the guy has had a bad camp, and he doesn't speak down of players, so that is a big comment. It is like he has regressed.

Yea I heard that. That could be a cue that they are looking elsewhere. I really do not think Lefovour is that good as a QB but I could see him being released from Hamilton and be brought in for a look. He was with Cortez in Hamilton and was on the field a ton last season. placing a bit better option than SUnseri at this point
Just wondering thanks

Depopulation. You are wrong about ryan smith.

"Ryan smith misplayed a ball and dropped to his knees for it and I think had i bounce off his throat lol....but he is good...really good. Knows how to get open, solid hands, can return...he is a LOT like Dressler...go figure...same size same school same coaching staff. "

Ryan Smith is NDSU bison 3 time national football champion with an incredible coaching staff at a big time program.

Dressler was at und a miserable program with terrible coaching staff, dressler just had speed to overcome that disadvantage.

my bad...for some reason I associated them to the same school

Still...I put him in a book that I think he could compare to Dressler...he seems to have the same feel for the game and same mindet for pattern running and HRs

Anyway Ryan Smith looks to be very comfortable on the field. All signs point to him being very successful.
The Dakota's football programs seem to have Canada as part of their recruiting territory and in return the CFL seems to have connections with these programs.
So it is not surprising to see players from these Universities having success in the CFL as they are likely familar with the CFL more so than other schools further south.

NDSU offerred thier first Canadian ever last week from Winnipeg. I think the CFL is paying dividends down to HS stage