preseason game #2 thoughts

I know we talked about it on a couple threads about 2 weeks ago...DD needed to improve his reads and timing on short almost INT, and one to the house. Looked like timing more than a bad read, so hopefully just rust, but not a good sign when it was many people #1 concern with him coming into the season. DD's numbers were not that bad considering the drops!

I know everyone is high on Nunn, and perhaps it was the drop on the 10 yardline, but I personally feel wheelright seems like a better fit. That being said, Wheelright needs to know the clock, and had time to step out before half.

Getz - Like I have said and cold...bad bad game for him. I still believe he will be left unprotected and be in Ottawa, and Sisco will stay.

I am really happy to see the screen pass is apparently in the playbook again!

The defence looked pretty good when it had a bulk of the starters.

Kicking... that Milo might have potential. He definately has a leg (that 49 yarder would have been good 10 more yards back), just needs a little tuning and a little econfidence. I would keep him on, plus that would be really really nice occupying one of the kicking roles with a Canadian. I would bet a beer he is on the roster.

BC looked like they were using the full playbook, the Riders were not, and the drops simply killed them. I also think the Riders had a butt load of positions they still needed to make decisions on. That being said, I still view BC as the team to beat this year.

Taking pains to avoid any details, I'll just say that I have to watch it first! :smiley:

With Bagg and Fantuz out of our lineup, Getzlaf is our senior NI receiver. The Riders won't let him go!

as i said...expansion in end of the season. I do not believe they will protect him if Sisco works out. Not like they are going to cut him or anything, they just won't protect him in the expansion draft. It is really frustrating that one game he is a start, and the next he can't hold onto the ball. He is one of the more inconsistent players I can recall.

I don't know, the whole Sisco experiment has been a pretty big flop, he was thrown to what? 3 times in 2 games? He'll need some more time.

Disco is still very young, give him time, he’ll be okay. Oline is better and dine will only get better as season progresses. Can hardly wait for the season to begin. Go Green!

I wouldnt call that a flop, I would say it is a guy who has played 4 quarters total max with 4 different qbs and has not seen a regular season game. There is no flop...unproven...perhaps, but I believe he will thrive by week 6.

LOL. The iPad called Sisco, "Disco". New nickname?

I'm not sure why we are speculating on who gets picked up in the expansion Draft. I won't worry about that until it actually is official that Ottawa is back.

I was wondering where that came from or if it was just a typo. If depop's prediction is right and he shows some surprise moves to get yac yards, maybe we can call him Disco Sisco :slight_smile:

Put all kickers in a large potato sack and string them to the wheels of a WestJet flight going east. Attach a note to the sack that says,

"Contains three kickers in need of loving home. Please adopt."

In the meantime, we gamble on 3rd down. Luca Congi has to get better soon.

Well let's hope he doesn't turn out to be a duck as a player.... Disco Duck.

There's always that possibility on the other extreme, too, I suppose :oops:

Here's what I don't understand...

37 Ito, Jeremy P/K Import
13 Setta, Nicholas P/K Import
3 Sakoda, Louie P/K Import
38 Swank, Sam P/K Import
17 Dehaze, Robbie P/K Import
24 David, Colt P/K Import
0 Boreham, Jamie P/K Non-Import
17 Gundersen, Greg P/K Import
11 Wilbur, Eric P/K Import

This is a list of all the Free Agent Kickers/Punters in the leauge(probably not updated since cuts) but any of the following underlined would probably be better what we have now and will probably be better than Congi is when he first comes off. (Yes everybody I'm talking about RUST) but thats just me, Milo your a great kid but you haven't showed NOTHING

I speculate because I enjoy looking down the road as much as I enjoy looking at today.

wow…boreham is a FA…I would be jumping at that. I loved the way he ran at the line then punted…make the return team drop their coverage

Between the 20 and the 45 seriously, yes I would welcome that strategy. Seriously yes. 3rd and 15 from the opponent's 28 yard line, line up in the shotgun and take a shot deep. A returned FG would probably come back that far anyways. Walking out of the stadium that night I was seriously saying, gamble on 3rd between the 20 and 45, EVERY TIME until Taman gets a kicker.

I am NOT joking.

personally I like Milo. Yeah, not a great it nerves, but he is 4th all time in CIS FGs, kicks in the upper 80% range and has a really strong leg. don't let a bad start fool you, he looks like he has real potential. Also, remember that this injury to Congi was to his ankle and rather a kicker that could ruin his career...he might not make it back. Healing up is one thing, healing up so you don't grimace on every kick is another.