Preseason Game 2: Montreal at Ottawa

Well if it helps you the score is currently 12-12 heading into the 4th .

Interesting bit on Bruggeling. I noticed his raw athleticism at the combine last year. Hasn’t translated to many reps in live game action yet, though. Cool that he’ll rep Canada in bobsleigh.

Thanks, I see that… JUST got off the horn with my cable provider and activated TSN. Wasn’t planning to do it till regular season started but now it’s done.


And TD for the former Gee Gee!


That play call wasn’t too hard to predict.

Though he seems rather thin for a QB, Adams is looking pretty good so far.

The league website is not keeping a running play by play or box score page like they did in previous years. I hope that’ll be back for the regular season.

Or maybe there’s a live stats page somewhere out there?

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I saw same thing last week, I hope is only for pre season, because that is vital in football!!

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And of course for fun I switched my vpn to a UK server, and the live stream now works… Figures lol.


actually, I think that was the case in preseason last yr as well.

Last year’s preseason games are up now. I think they were done live, just as the regular season games were.

Heh, nice little revenge/redemption story for Maltos to win it at the end.


There’s supposed to be something like this available somewhere:

Screenshot 2023-05-27 11.38.18

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If they didn’t play the national anthem at sporting events we would never hear it.
Why do they play it? it’s a tradition.

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playing anthems before sporting events is pointless. get rid of that nonsense.


If they didn’t play the anthem at games you could still hear it any time you like. You could play it every day for yourself if you were so inclined or you could attend citizenship ceremonies if you need to hear it.

Below is a history of the national anthem being played in sports. It seems to have generally started in 1918 and before that was played in the context of the US Civil War and also in 1918 in the context of WW1. Our country isn’t involved in a war at present.

There continues to be controversy surrounding playing it. In Chicago they cheer throughout. Others believe people should be silent. In Winnipeg the crowd shouts out “true north” and in Dallas “stars”. Not long ago we saw how those against free speech, including the President, railed against kneeling during the anthem.

It may now be a tradition but there are many traditions that are no longer acceptable and even harmful as I discovered during a quick google search. I won’t get into those as most of them are political and hurt women or children but you can search yourself if you are interested.

In my opinion it a useless tradition that can create dissent and harm. There is no need for it prior to domestic athletic events.


Yes you make some good points. It is a tradition that would be hard to get rid of and the CFL would be criticized to eliminate it when the NHL, MLB etc continue to do it

I was impressed with Adams, made some great throws, scrambled and ran when he saw coverage. It’s only pre-season but based on last night I would start him if Masoli can’t play the first game.
The receivers looked great, Acklin as expected, Justin Hardy, Shaq Evans, Oladejo, Dedmon. Ottawa is set at the receiver position. Didn’t see much from the running backs.

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I noticed you never mentioned the NFL or was that what the etc was for ? I mean if ever there was a sport that mustered up as much division and controversy and BS over the playing of the anthem it would have to be the NFL at the very top of the heap .

Yes I forgot the NFL so etc, other leagues too, junior Hockey, every sport in every stadium.

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