Preseason Game 2: Montreal at Ottawa


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Als fan chat channel

REDBLACKS fan chat channel

main forum game chat channel

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i’m so stoked to watch football!

Interesting lineups for this one. Pretty much what you expect - a lot of guys get a chance to show what they can do.

I found my eyes drawn to Fletchers name at RB for the Als though, a known player in a sea of who’s that?


Als are playing Evans at qb



I’m interested to see a couple of National SBs on Ottawa: Bruggeling and Oladejo. I’m hoping Bruggeling can take the next step with his game this year.


i hope the REDBLACKS are strong this year. i like Dyce and they have great fans. if Masoli can get healthy again they should be good. there are questions about his knee still and that he may not even start the season.

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At least they have Arbuckle waiting in the wings from day 1. He was starting to put things together toward the end of last season.

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So I have questions about these new chat channels which I’m not familiar with. I’m not opposed to new things in principle but don’t know how these work and how they are different or better/worse than regular game day threads.

  • You talk about posting in real time and everything being faster. Is that something good? Being the amateur typist I am I won’t be able to keep up with learned typists such as yourself and don’t consider it a competition as to who can type the fastest. The regular game day threads were plenty fast enough and interactive enough for me. Perhaps others on here have a similar view and also aren’t fast typists. Am I missing something?

  • There will now be a regular game day thread and a chat thread as I understand it. Won’t this have the effect of splitting those following the game live on the forum, making each thread less interesting and having Jess participation than one thread? Or are you planning a competition with only one of these animals to survive?

Inquiring minds want to know.

try it and find out. you have a choice. i’m not choosing for you.

the users who have used it have reacted positively and like it. :woman_shrugging:

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I’m just unfamiliar with it so I was asking questions.

i know but it’s probably easier just to try it than have me yammer away and you only understand half of what i say :sweat_smile:

don’t have to type any faster than in game topics. i’m not 100% sure about how the chat behaves in mobile view small screen either. i know mobile on ipad isn’t quite the same as mobile on a phone sized screen.

also, if guys would rather use the topic threads eventually i don’t mind. i’m just giving the chat channels a try for preseason game days. the real time update feature seems to work well. i use the chat on other discourse sites and i like the way it works. still not sure about how it will be back in the Paleozoic Era here on our forums…

It appears that you can’t reply to someone like I am doing here. Is that correct?

why would you need a quote and yes you can if you click on their comment

Let’s get into it!

For the same reason you just quoted me. Most of the time I reply to someone. It is difficult and often impossible to quote on mobile.

Pretty bush of TSN to be talking about the game with the National Anthem playing in the background.


RDS didn’t do that, they actually panned the crowd and the artist and were dead quiet


I’m in the fairly large camp that doesn’t understand why a national anthem needs to be played in the first place at a sporting event that isn’t international. If they continue to do so then I am good with them skipping the anthem and showing commercials as sometimes is the case and coming back after the anthem for the start of the game.