Preseason game 1

I was impressed with Ottawa...they played well, especially for a brand new team. Kudos to them for sure!

Durant looked like it was a few games into the season, beyond him there wasnt a lot to speak of. Sunseri was surprisingly disappointing. Weber was afraif to pull the trigger but seemed to have decent recognition, Doege is pretty mobile and could be a pretty good short yardage QB.

OL: no concerns...looked great

Toston was one of the 4 players I was really looking forward to seeing in action and didnt see enough of him. The league has moved to the more agile RBs, so stepping outside of the box might be good. He was a battering ram out there. McNeal had moments, but man...they really should have tried to keep Jock! Toston can crush the line and block better than the the Riders have had since Cates and probably since before even him.

Not missing a beat. There are going to be some tough cuts there! All the "Internationals" played well...not enough action from the "Nationals."
Ryan Smith - money...he made this team. People who had that #7 on their back will be wearing #2
Sweeney - hey, when Simon talks you up, nuff said
Riley - should be safe...I see Sweeney beating him out for rotations though
Sampson - has some potential, but also had some he should have held. The big frame will keep him around a week.

Looked solid overall, the lack of legit CBs is scary. Woldu could be a dark horse ratio buster.

huge competition there...I am expecting a "turf toe" or 2 some time soon. Won't really know until 2nd preseason game whos stays...I think staff is still trying to figure out how ratio will work as they were counting on Hurl but I don't know if they are now.

DT is a concern, obviously. Again...not enough known until next week, but Ivy played well rotating into the DE spot!

People that stood out to me:
Ivy on the line, Woldu, Ryan Smith, Stoudermire, Toston, Green...okay, big return, needs to challenge a couple in the air, played well in the secondary.

People on the bubble imo...
Doeg, Sampson, Moore, Fletcher, Brando Issac,

closer to the block
J Thomas, DePalma, Tillman, LeGree, Moten, Eddins (unless they can move him inside), Cameron, Mark, Marcus White, Trecor Guyton, McCoy (can't decide on this guy...think he would be an awesome safety)

In the end I had fewer concerns on the DL than anticipated, thought the receiving corps looked truly amazing, was worried about DD's backup...perhaps Sunseri just had a bad day, and the RB is still a question mark and I fear they will overlook Toston.

A few thoughts on the game anyways.

Unfortunately I was unable to watch this game. I will be out of the country for most of the season. Here's to another great season.

We definitely have some tough decisions on the receiving crew. While Taj looked solid and putting more effort in than he has in the past, I wouldn't say his job is safe. I wouldn't be surprised if they cut him because they have a lot of talent in the receiving core and may not want to deal with his off field issues.

Have to agree Deanjo, but I don't think Smith is in a pile of risk of being cut, you know they are mowing it over...or putting him on paid suspension or IR or something.

I will say this...I was pretty disappointed to not see more of the Nationals get some looks in this game. I would like to see more of Bastien. He and Alex Anthony have the size for that #1 WR spot and would be a ratio buster for the Riders. I liked Anthony last year, so it would be something to really look at IMO. McHenry has the size to rotate in there on injury if need be, even if he lacks their is a functional rotation...this would displace Smith and really only leave Ryan Smith / Riley as the lone International spot at SB. Meanwhile, I would look at keeping Pierzchalski around on PR and seeing if he can be transitioned to a SB. It is all a gamble, but if you sit Taj until his off field stuff is sorted it is all changeable assuming he resolves that. This would be a huge move to shore up Canadian depth for a few years to come!

I missed the game to too a grad party, but like the results. Sounds like DD came out great, this is a good thing to see, he has finally matured as a QB and will enjoy his play this season. From what I've seen and read, we have some good prospects to fill those holes left from last season and would not to want to be the coaching staff right now, I am sure we will have to lose a few, that might be worth keeping. I hope that the kid who plays like Dressler gets a good shot as that's gonna be a tough hole to fill!! Game on can't wait to see the season start!

The Saskatchewan Roughriders today announced the release of the following players:

National fullback Matthew Burke
National kicker Brett Cameron
International defensive back Antonio Fenelus
International defensive back Donnie Fletcher
National linebacker Tyler Greenslade
International running back Curtis McNeal
International linebacker Adrian Moten
International running back Clifton Smith
International offensive lineman Ryan Tillman
The team also announced international defensive back Carlos Thomas has been moved to the injured list and national quarterback Brandon Leyh has returned to school.

No real shockers except for maybe that they axed 2 RB so quickly. The guys they are keeping are a far departure from the running style of last season...they are the more prototypical 4 down runner style...smash through, get what you can, if you get through the line you probably steamroll the LB and get 20 yards.
McNeal seemed to be the only one who leaned towards the agility, make people miss moves...but he would do that and miss the gams so.

Kind of surprised that there have not been much going on with the National Receivers. It is almost certain that 2 National receivers will be part of the ratio. They traded For Etienne who upon entering his 3rd season last year in Winnnipeg looks to be ready as a 3rd National receiver. Anthony Alex in year two helps a lot but probably not ready yet and any rookie receiver out of the CIS is rarely ready in year one the DBs are just such a step up in the CFL. SIsco could be gone if he does not show anything or stay healthy.

Kilgore and Peters look like the starting LBs which takes Hurl out of the FT ratio but I think that Hurl is still good enough to play defense in a package. Hurl would be a good starter Kilgore is just better so that fairs well for good depth at MLB.
Ivy was so fast at DE i think he has found a new position in the CFL.

I would be concerned about Sunseri being the top back up this season. I can see a situation that happened in BC last year where they have an elite starter but if he goes down Demarco was not even close to being ready and Sunseri may not be either.

J'ai tenté de regarder la partie hier sur TSN, mais comme mon fournisseur internet n'est ni Bell, ni Rogers, je n'ai pu le faire.

Je regrette beaucoup de ne pas pouvoir suivre la saison des Roughriders cette année, et je trouve que c'est un recul important pour le produit qu'est le football de la LCF.

Je serai désormais limité à être un partisan des Alouettes et ne plus pouvoir être un observateur de tout le football canadien, et ne regarder que 23 parties au lieu de 150.

Si Bell et Rogers voulaient reléguer le football canadien dans la misère, ils ne s'y prendraient pas autrement! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

The games will be on TSN. All that TSN is doing by making the games non-viewable for some people online is forcing them to find other avenues of watching them, and thus losing their numbers for advertisement.