Preseason Game 1 vs BC

Well, after 1 quarter I see one thing that concerned me all of last year…DDs short flat passes…but with a QB coach I am hoping that will get worked out.

Yes, he sure didn’t impress; haven`t been impressed with the offensive line either.

Expect the OL to struggle for a few weeks while they gel. BC is a great example the past 2 seasons....struggled on the line out of the gate with new faces...gave up the most sack in the league the first 1/3 of the season, but finished as arguably the best line.

Im sure hoping Willis improves the DL as

Struggle? These guys are non existent I think is going be a looooong year for the Riders

I have faith the OL will come together. The DL is scaring me though.

I sure like Will's mobility...but i would say he has the weakest arm of the QBs

As Suitor pointed out with Willis, why can't DD not telegraph his throws.

Well that was embarrassing. Watched the game in person. Wasn't expecting much and don't really care about the score,but what I saw was even worse than I expected. They have to show something against Calgary.

Tyron Brackenridge might have been the best Rider on the field, and he only played the first 8 minutes. Made the tackle on the opening kickoff, broke up a pass, helped another tackle and generally had a great motor and ball pursuit.

Durant - rusty as hell. O'Sullivan seemed the most comfortable and skilled of the rest. Willy not bad, happy feet. Levi Brown, that was a really dumb Dalton Bell type pass, but poise wise, recovered well.

Poor start. Settled down as the game moved on, but were still totally beaten in the trench war. Fulton started poorly. Played better in the 2nd quarter.

Sheets had the best moves. That big cutback play for their first first down (22 minutes into the game :roll:) was great and then he followed it up with an 8 yard charge straight up the middle, showing a little power too. Chipped down for a decent block on Geathers too. Rankin had the nice kick return and overall wasn't too shabby. I think West's job is in jeopardy for sure.

The Riders may have only had the ball 8 minutes in the first half, but I think Bagg played the whole first half, definitely well into the 2nd quarter. He didn't even get a look. Harper was consistently the best receiver. Big target, showed good hands. Saunders got thrown to a lot in the 4th quarter, mostly because he was the only one open underneath. Patrick Brown made a couple of decent grabs, but then had a bad drop late in the game. Chery - circus catch TD, that's all, well he had an ok kick return too.

Pass rush nonexistent. Brent Hawkins was invisible, I was majorly disappointed. Shomari was very good on ST as usual but couldn't find him without a program at end, except for one run play tackle for loss. Also bit HARD on play action on the opening play of scrimmage. No one laid a finger on Lulay. No wait - no one CAME CLOSE to laying a finger on Lulay. 1 sack on Reilly was a blitz. The other 2 late in the game were against the backups. This was absolutely pathetic. Let no one fool you, Lions QBs had ALL FREAKING DAY to make reads. Shologan didn't play. They guys who played today were nowhere near what Romero brought last year. This is a big concern.

Lbs looked like LBs. No one stood out.

Awful lot of guys caught in the trail position, most concerning being Tristan Jackson. McKenzie too. Brackenridge was the best DB. No one could cover man even against the Lions backups except mmmaybe Eddie Russ. Gore TD was embarrassing. 2nd Moore TD even moreso, Jackson just let him run by at the snap. No juke, no cut, just run past turn and trail. The ball was even a bit underthrown. Just terrible. Butler was slow to react in centerfield, I expected better from him. Newman was a bit better than expected but still looks like a longshot. Johnson made a glaring error on oneplay, down the sideline had the receiver pinned against the sideline, stride for stride, pass would have been a jump ball, he turns back and stops, pass complete for big gain - OUCH, that's a beer league mistake. In general, the scheme seemed to not always account for everybody. I'm sure that is partly because it is a vanilla pre-season 'no you can't have film on our real scheme in a meaningless game' gameplan, but it sure was painful to watch.

Shomari was good. Cory Huclack was probably best. He made a couple of plays including the ST tackle of the game, grabbing a handful of cloth and dragging down the returner. Apart from the one long return in the first quarter, coverage was pretty good. Punting was pretty good too. Place kicking was a nightmare. Milo's kick barely made it over the bar. Everyone in my section was surprised that it was good. Bodnar's attempt that fell way short was embarrassing. I believe it was under 40 yards too, even after the penalty. Either way, that was high school range from him.

Some of these jerseys just don't look right at the back. They stretch down and have this huge gap between the name and the number, then the number is all scrunched up and unreadable. And what's with the logo under the number on the back? Looks tacky. The 11 year old sitting next tome said it looked cheap like high school. And I HOPE that the numbers on the helmets is just to make watching the preseason game film easier, and the logos go back on the lids come week 1.

Looking forward, I am confident that the rust will come off of Durant - I mean he played what? 2 series? The o-line will be stable and more consistent, and extra starters playing on both sides of the ball will make a significant difference. But my concerns about the defense right now are much bigger than they were yesterday (and they were already big yesterday). They look BAD on D. Absolutely ZERO pressure upfront and absolutely ZERO man coverage skills. If this is the case come week 1, this team will be BLOODY LUCKY to win 6 games.

How did Chris Milo become a team captain with all 10 of his career games played experience?

Horrible and pathetic!! OL and DL are jokes. DB's can't cover or make a tackle. How do you evaluate DD's performance, he was on his back for the 12 plays he was in. If this is what our leadership team was all excited about, we can expect the 1st pick overall again. Yes, its just a preseason game, we all know that, but did BC know that. Not 1 Rider impressed me all night, about 25 BC players impressed the hell out of me. :x

Pretty dismal. I know it's only pre-season but we didn't look any different than we did all of last year.
No where to go but up!! I think it will be very hard to evaluate players based on that performance. I guess the coaches have to decide who was the worst. One bright spot: Go Willy!!! The kid looked good - should be around for the rest of the season I would think.

What's with those helmets? I hope those are just for pre-season.

Remember a lot of guys who will be starting regular season did not play, but we played pretty bad... Helmets are temporary because some had the logo others had numbers that should be changed after TC. The jerseys tho just horrible, I don't know what it is but it looks like there wearing two different jerseys?!? One set on the back has the green stripe coming up to the name while the other is just white and black piping? I sure hope the green ones look better and I hope the designers at reebok know what these jerseys look like... Other than that labatte did not play among many other players Getz, Willis ect we have work to do but dont get to down on the team, lots of cuts to be made

PD72 pretty much summed it up.

Also, Center seemed to be stable in comparison to last year, which was nice to see.

Eddie Russ looked ok, PI aside. looked like he may have been trying to do too much to prove himself at times.

I am hoping to see some action from Bamba. I think he has some NI stick around power. I am hoping that if nothing else on the PR.

Hawkins...I don't know if he will make it out of said, he was invisible. I would rather see Rowe and Ellis bash it out at this point.

LBs were a big concern for me, and still are.

Frazier and Patrick were not dressed, so I will reserve judgement for that until next week, but same issue as last year...BC's QBs were having tea before throwing, so... I mean, I think BC's OL gave up the lease sacks in the second half of last year (by a long shot) so the Riders were playing a good OL, but even the backups stopped them...that said it was the Rider backups at that point as well.

Hard to give a good judgment on game 1 of the preseason on coaching...

  • from the OL view, they improved a lot over the course of the game, so Sweet seems to be doing something right thus far.
  • Walker had a pile of evaluating to do on the DL, so hopefully he got some of what he needed.
  • Jones has to get that short flat pass down for DD, and I figured that would have been goal 1, but it is early, and he has been working on assessing 5 guys.
  • Miles likely walked out with more questions than going in for his secondary
  • Smith's LB core was mehhh...but he has always done well with them, hopefully that continues.
  • Tucker is the fortunate son of the bunch. He looks to be rubbing off. The routes looked crisp, especially for that many guys w/o CFL experience. I think he will do wonders.
  • Dickenson...looks like he has some potential returners, bonus. The couple penalties for no TE are really not concerning at this stage.
  • Bob Dyce...I really wasn't paying much attention to the play calling...tough to when they are in and out so much. He never got a big opportunity to get the ball rolling.
  • Hall...this season, IMO, will make or break Hall. It is not the best D he has ever coached, but I have to believe his career rides on their showing.

An ugly one to be sure. But, like everyone's saying, it's a bad game to make judgements on. I was hoping to see us be a little more competative, but with all the turnover we had, that may be a bit much to ask at this point. It may even take until well into the season before we see what this group is capable of. I'd rather be young and inexperienced and lose than be old and tired (like last season) and lose. I still think we're headed in the right direction.

Sure it’s 1 game, but I didn’t see ANY improvement in ANY of the glaring weaknesses that they had last year. If anything they have regressed. I could not believe that the secondary could look that bad, and I was already expecting it to be bad. And so many Rider optimists have been touting the line that Hawkins is back and healthy and would be a top pass rusher this year and I really hope that he will be, and yes it’s just 1 game but he was absolutely NOWHERE last night. This is a MASSIVE concern.

Like I said above, they better show something against the Stamps or this team is in TERRIBLE trouble. What I saw last night was NOT rebuilding. It was crap.

You all seem to be forgetting that this is GAME 1 of pre-season. These guys have barely been practicing together for 2 weeks.. Relax until at least game 3 or 4 of the regular season!

OL - Labatte and Best were both not there for that game and we had Heenan (A rookie) and Neufield starting there both young and inexperienced. Also none of those lineman have played together in a game before relax!

QB - This was a terrible part of our game and something I am actually worried about. Only solace is that the O-line was very weak.. DD looked terrible even when he had time to throw. O'Sullivan wasn't much better. Levi Brown has a nice arm, I liked his ability to stand in the pocket.. minus one bad decision he didn't play horrible. Willy was the best of the bunch but he wasn't playing against starters.

RB - This is one position I am excited about! Brandon West looked weak, but Sheets and Rankin were both very good and I would easily have them starting over West. Didn't see much from Crawford but his explosiveness could be a nice compliment!

WR - Didn't get to see much with our QB/O-line out of sync. I am not worried about them though.. With Dressler, Getzlaf, Bagg and Hill we will be fine there.

DL - Shologan not there, Hawkins has been injured for 2 years and hasn't played since give him a break! Willis not there. Rowe has limited CFL experience as well as many other players that played on the line. If they are still like this in game 3 of the regular season then I will be worried.

LB - Hard to say right now.. McCullough wasn't there, didn't see much of Williams, Stone looked solid, I was EXTREMELY impressed with Hurl! I hope he gets some playing time! Brackenridge looked solid in his position at sam linebacker!

Secondary - tough to make judgements on them seeing as how we lacked a pass rush. Even the best CB in the world wouldn't look good with no pass rush. However I was impressed with Eddie Russ, and Nick Graham they made the fewest mistakes. Russ's PI was a calculated one the guy was going to catch the TD if he didn't do something. Sometimes its better to take the PI and give your team a chance for a goal line stand than to just let them catch the TD.

ST - looked good to me I have no complaints here! Milo made his kicks, and his punting was good except for the one he kinda shanked. Bodner.. meh he made that one field goal but we had a stupid penalty which pushed it back and made him re-kick. Sometimes its hard to get in the frame of mind to re-kick after you already made one.

All in all, pre-season is not as big of a deal as most of you guys are making it out to be! Relax take a breath and wait for a while to start worrying!

I had to PVR. I have watched it all up to the 4th quarter.

Liked some Rb's. Sheets and West lookin good. Brandon's had a couple of blocks when he chopped the knees and he's going to need to learn to take them on,,,,,,,,,,,or he'll get cut. He chopped them but they were still able to get after the QB and Darian got smoked on one of them.

I noticed moreso, guys that looked bad or flat.

Effram Hill. Two drops and given the competition he just looked bad.
59 Gatewood at DE. Lost contain twice and in general just didn't look good
Goodspeed - seemed to be getting overpowered. Don't know his assignments but in general looked like he was getting manhandled at times.
Darian Durant - just plain bad. But O-line was not providing him much time
Tristan Jackson - was 1-2 steps behind on coverage. Not just once or twice..............he was always trailing. With guys like Jock Sanders and Kory Sheets being able to return (and Brandon west) he just looked average (concerning)

Need to watch the final quarter. Then will be very interested in next weeks game as well as the upcoming roster deletions for the riders as well as across the league.

Some of you worked up about an away pre-season game?? Man, talk about passing judgment before the evidence is in. Time to chill ...

A point I forgot to mention before and just remembered.

2½ minutes to go before the half, Riders had the ball 3rd and 1 around their own 20 or 25. They punted. They should have went for it. They sent the punt team out and I turned to SheLion sitting next to me and said they should have gambled.

1 - who cares if you get scored on before the half in a meaningless game?

2 - the Riders had the ball 8 minutes in the first half. No joke, those were the stats posted in the big screen. How are you supposed to evaluate the offense in 8 minutes?

3 - a great opportunity to see O'Sullivan run the 3 minute drill LIVE was totally squandered. Instead Reilly got that chance for BC and the division rival got that valuable experience under his belt to develop yet another solid QB.

Totally shortsighted.