PreSeason Fantasy Huddle

Third and Ten, RedandWhite, Curldogg, Bamboo, Liontamr, rtk 350:

its time for the preseason test run.

Saskatchewan / Calgary
Ottawa / Montreal
Winnipeg / Edmonton
Hamilton / Toronto
BC / Saskatchewan

submit your fantasy huddle: 2 QBs 2 RBs 2 Receivers 2 DL 2 LBs 2 DBs 1 K

points based on yards, touchdowns, sacks, INTs, tackles, errors, fumbles, fumble recoverys, etc.

Results submited June 13th.

All Submissions will be done over this thread, as your posts.

PS, all submiisions must be made one hour before kickoff.

Quick Question Before We Start: If We Pick A Saskatchewan Player Do We Get Points For Both Games? For Example If We Pick Cory Grant And Vs. Calgary He Gets 4 Rec. For 35 Yrd. With 1 TD And Vs. B.C. He Gets 6 Rec. For 65 Yrds. Does That Mean It Would Count As 10 Rec. For 100 Yrds. And 1 TD For That Week?

get outta here KK....j/k

and for the Sask players, i will average their games and you will get the points for their average.

.............gotcha.........have to start reasearch........please clarify the sask thingy........

i just clarified the Sask thingy

Ok I need a li'l clarificaton, I,ve never played anything like this, we pick the two player-positions from each week's games not each individual game right? Or wrong? :roll:

you pick two players per position (except Kicker) for each week.

anything else need clarifying?

we all know that Hamilton will have an amazing year, just after we get Jason Mass from The powerhouse eskimos. Let poor Danny retire.

KK you got them all wrong, you are going 0-4 in tshe first week of preseason. Not a good start.

Preseason is tricky because not all starters will have big playing time. Is anybody willing to take a chance on Ted White?

Eskimos32001, I'd like some more clarifications. How are each factors worth (yardage, TDs, Ints, Ints against, etc.)?

Because you say we'll be penalized points for interceptions against or lost fumbles. We need to know how bad these things affect your overall score. Obviously, you don't want McManus if Ints get you 6 points behind, nor do you want Burris if fumbles are costly.

As well, we need to know how yards and TDs are worth, as well as all the defensive stats because you don't pick the same players depending on what has the best payoff.

Finally, I'll add that we need to know all these things because you can't really wait for a game to be over before knowing the rules, especially if the guy who makes the rules is also playing.

yards passing- 1 point for every 50 yards
yards rushing and receiving-1 point for every 20 yards
TDs (both sides of the ball) 6 points
INT (offense) -5 points
fumble (offense) -2 points-(lost fumble 3 points)
Sack-4 points
tackle-1 point for every second tackle
INT (defense) 5 points
fumble recovery (defense) 3 points
points against team (defensive players):0-10 6 points
11-20 4 points
21-30 3 points
31-40 2 points
41+ 0 points

ok, i got another spot open for preseason tester....who wants it?

This Is A Problem That Only Comes Up For Preseason But Whens The Earliest We Can PM You Our Picks?


actually nvm mind about the open spot, im just gonna go with 5.

Hmmm… I’m not sure if I like the scoring system.

This means that a QB that gains 50 yards will get you as many points as one who gets 60 yards, 85 yards or 99 yards, right? Because points are for 50 yards packs… Same for rushing/receiving yards… And Three tackles are worth the same as two tackles? Something’s weird in all this.

Shouldn’t we say: 0,04 points per passing yard, 0,1 point per rushing/receiving yard and 1 point per tackle? This way, you’d get rewarded for everything your players would make.

anyone know who is running for Hamilton?... i want it but im not sure ill be able to do anything in the next week or two, im getting a new computer and my internet connection might be down for a wile

ok.. forgot to check this page... who is in this thing anyway?... anyone gonna bet on whos gonna win?

this is just preseason...real thing will be announced before season starts.

as for before...i was expecting someone wouldnt like that and i had a backup system which goes:

passing yards=1 point each
rushing/receiving yards= 2 points each
touchdowns=60 points
fumbes=-10 points
INT thrown=-20 points

tackles=10 points each
sacks=25 points each
INTs=40 points each
fumble recovery=20 points
touchdowns=60 points
40 points for 0 points against/ 1 point away for every point scored.