Preseason: EDM @ CGY game thread

Listening on the radio... looks to be a blowout for the Stamps so far.

For the Esks:

  • sounds like Penalties are still a sore spot... Kabongo needs to get his ass kicked for two Unnecessary Roughness calls following eachother so quickly

  • defence is still struggling

  • the backups and new rookies playing on offense are struggling, LeFors seems to be good on the scramble at least

I'll leave Stampeder fans to rate how their team is performing so far in this game.

I was just looking at the live play and the Stamps are playing Burris and Dickenson and Rambo and Lewis, etc. The Eskimos are playing all of their rookies and bench guys.

gotta link to the radio station?

True, but considering that beyond the guys who are injured or not in the game tonight (Ray, Peterson, Tucket, Shabazz, and a couple others) most of the team are still new/rookies, some of the guys in this game WILL be starting for us next week and into the regular season, so they're going to need to show more than they are so far in evaluation.

click on the ‘listen live’ button

Here comes the big come back in the 2nd half.

Lets hope so, I think Maas is going to get some playing time this half, I suppose its to see if he has anything left after two years of underachieving in steeltown.... doesn't matter though, I can't see how LeFors isn't #2.


I suppose you have a point. It just kind of baffles me that they'd be playing their starters. Like ro said, pre-season is for evaluating, not for winning. :expressionless:

The penalty problem is also a serious problem regardless of who is in the game.

Nice drive by Maas, too bad the pass got dropped on the 3rd down gamble.

Is the offence doing any better with Danny calling the plays?

Maas just threw the interception, Calgary takes over on our 50....

Gah. Our quarterbacks are playing horribly... :? 6 of 14 for LeFors? 5 of 10 for Maas? Good God. At least we're throwing long passes again...

Rookies and preseason or not, this lopsided score is getting very embarassing for the Esks really fast....


Great job by Jackson, 85 yards! Saves us from getting shut out.

Que the comeback starting now.

Where was this at the start of the game. 39-14 as it stands now.

All I can say is thank God this is only the pre-season. :lol:

I heard Dickenson had a decent game?