Pres Mitchell is responsible for this season

Mods, why was that thread locked?

I am really annoyed with the haphazard way that threads are locked.

I didn't start that particular thread, nor do I necessarily agree with it. Regardless, if you're going to shutdown a thread you should complement that lock with a little explanation to your reasoning. This is what every other board does.

Sure, perhaps a couple of the comments were a tad over the top - but you could have easily deleted those instead of locking the entire thread.

Again, I don't necessarily agree with that post - but it is fair game.

Yes, this is "your forum", as I am sure several posters will remind me, but it's meant for "us fans". You should be happy that we're here at all - it's a sign that we're passionate. Trust me... the next step, complete apathy, is not what any of us want.


I believe it was due to redundancy seeing how there were 3 or 4 threads discussing the same topic. They will be merged once I figure out how to do it on the ‘new’ forum. :wink:

Thank you, Kevin. I appreciate your quick reply and I look forward to that post being merged with the others.

But this still doesn't answer the question of why the original one was locked!

The threads have been merged.

You're a good man, Kevin. Thank you.

Forget prez Mitchell, I blame JAG for the team's woes this season! :wink:

Ballsy of you.