Pres Mitchell is responsible for this season



My post was, and is, meant to be anything but negative. I am one of the biggest TiCats fans there is. I take my family to every Ticats game, and as a matter of fact have only missed 2 'Cats games in 30 years.

Rather, I believe my post is 100% positive - ie please sign the best Canadian running back I've ever seen!

And I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is - buy season's tickets again. To be honest it's cheaper to simply buy game by game. Use the Ticats promotions they offer. But, I want it to become a tough ticket again. I will buy season's tickets, and I'm sure many more will join me if we can solidify our backfield with the best running back in the CFL (and possibly the best tandem the league has seen since mabye Kwong/Parker).


8) oskee7777,
 I can't believe, already putting down Kenton Keiths ability and his play after just 3 days of practice and just 1 game with the Cats  !!!

 You say his cuts aren't as crisp, nor is his vision anymore  !!!   Unbelievable, truly unbelievable  !!

  He certinly looked fine to me on his 13 yd gain last night.  With that O Line we have, he got those yards on his own natural ability, and his cuts looked just fine to me on that play  !!!

  You state his signing was a curious one to say the least.  Anytime a quality player begins available, you try and sign him.  If we hadn't gone after him and tried to sign him,  and he ended up signing with another team such as Toronto, this franchise would be ripped apart again by just about every member on this site  !!!!!


How does this story go again?

They want better players, but get upset when we pay to get them
They complain about management, yet cant offer solutions as to who would be better.....

Keep going, im tired... lol.

Yeah, when times are tough there’s alot of posts like that.
The rough equivalent of “I’m not prejudiced some of my best friends are…”

This letter is pathetic!!! :thdn:

Full marks to the Blame Brigade dragging a suit like Mitchell into the mix shows creativity and vision. (Instead of the usual blaming the starting QB and fire Coach XYZ)

Watch out Dr. Levy, trainers, therapists, towel boys you're next.

Why does Mitchell think signing previous CFL stars is going to solve our problems? Keith and Printers are very good, but obviously not the answer. The answers lies in the offensive coordinator. We have to have the most brutal play selection in the league. That is why we are in last place. Even with Tiger-Cat teams in the past with less talent we had more wins. Mitchell should never have considered Bellefeuille based not only Bellefeuille's history last year in Montreal but in Saskatchewan too.


Hold on, hold on please!

Both of you are taking this letter the wrong way.

I am not saying to fire Mitchell. I actually really like Scott Mitchell.

I am not saying that Keith is no good - just stating my opinion that he really seemed to have lost a step or two when I saw him in Indy during the pre season (obviously the Colts felt the same way). And please don't talk about the off field stuff he ran into - every NFL team has 10-15 off field incidents during the off season (unfortunately). Some of the best NFL players have a list of off field incidents longer than I can list. If Keith was deemed to be as dangerous as he was last season (500+ yards), he'd still be in the NFL. He was cut and no one offered to pick him up. Washington offered a "look see".

My last comment on Keith - even if he has lost a step (every one is entitled to an opinion), he is still a great back - but NOT a Lumsden.


Please stop trying to be negative! No one is firing or getting rid of anyone.

Play Keith in the backfield - but with Jesse please


Despite what the Koolaid brigade says Mitchell should step down or be terminated. The only thing they can do is attack fans,they don't have one decent argument as to why their "boys" should keep the keys to the car.

Well there's 20 minutes of your life you'll never get back.

You cant force people to re-sign.... they have presented him with 2 extensions and he turned down both, im sure they'll offer him another one with very competitive money.

You cant force him to stay, if he wants to leave.... he will... and thats not Mitchell, Obie, Bob, or Marcel's fault.

I beg to differ. Would you stay with this bunch?

I spent all last year backing up my opinion with facts.

M.D. dug us in a hole by stripping us of veteran players

and brought us down to the level of an expansion team

without the advantage of an expansion draft to re-stock.

With all those rookies we looked like 'The Keystone Cops'

Remember? Here are just a few highlights.

He double-crossed Morreale and Hitch at Training Camp.

He got rid of veteran receivers and brought in
2nd rate rookies that really were a dime a dozen

He sabotaged Charlie again by salary dumping
Augie Barrenechea in mid-season for a draft pick[?].

We had no decent veteran QB to back up Jason Maas
when he proved to be out of his depth as a starter.

No matter how fast Obie shovels, it will take all year
to fill most of that hole with quality, fertile soil

and some of next year to settle into a good foundation.

Who are you differing with, HfxTC,

or what are you differing about?

and as to this part of Crash's quote

You cant force people to re-sign....

they have presented him with 2 extensions

and he turned down both,

im sure they'll offer him another one
with very competitive money.

If that offer is still not acceptable,

I hope they lean on Casey Printers to take a pay cut
but rather than making it a performance thing

tie it to making up the difference between the Ticats' offer
to Jesse Lumsden and what he is willing to accept to stay.

That wouldn't be too big a hit. Nothing like Kerry Joseph took.

I think there's a bit of wishful thinking in the letter. Given Lumsden's limited playing history, I doubt if very many would call him the face of the franchise. He could become that but he isn't there yet. In fact, I don't think any current player on the team has achieved that status. As for Lumsden being traded or not re-signed, well I can see it from the team's point of view too. He has loads of potential and shows it every game he plays. But, as we all know he isn't in every game. How much can a team pay a guy who can't be relied upon to be available to play every game? What does it do to the team's over-all salary structure? Pay Lumsden $150k to play 9 games and what do you have to pay Caulley? or Smith? You could have some disgruntled players if one guy gets so much more for doing less. Apart from his talent which he puts on display in the games he plays, Jesse's real ace in the hold is his passport. If he was an import, I'm not sure if the team would be so patient.

I appreciate the loyalty to Lumsden but are you sure it's deserved at this point in his career?

An Argo-Cat fan

The story is you two only seem interested in belittling other people. Zontar's Mikey obsession has locked more threads than anything else.

Ah c'mon!!! you have got to be kidding!!!!! Jesse has done NOTHING to warrant that kind of comparison, no 1000 yd seasons, lousy winning percentage, not one playoff game, only 5 100yd + games in a 4 year career.The three you mention excelled over careers that lasted over a mention Jesses name in the same breath as these three hall of famers is an affront to these REAL CFL greats. At this point, Jesse is just an "almost was".

At best..... can you say Eric Lapointe???


If Mr.Mitchell re-signs Jesse, I would hope they add a caveat about Lumsden passing a medical and/or a clause based on the number of games he plays next year. He cant keep missing 4 or 5 games a season. It is just not fair to the team as a whole.