Pres Mitchell is responsible for this season

The same way Millen got fired in Detroit...Scott Mitchell should be fired in Hamilton....If Toronto was as good as least year the Ticats would have not won a game. Obie did not do any better then Desjardins he did worst he let go Moreno who was best player on defence. Paying Keith crazy money where we already have 3 good running backs....Its a mess poor southern ontarian fans

I remember a couple seasons ago people were telling me! " I think you are wrong and he will prove you wrong!" OK! I guess I was right :wink:

I put MOST of the blame on O'Bumble-vich ... He has done ABSOLUTELY ZERO toward improving this roster ... he has done ABSOLUTELY ZERO toward fostering a work ENVIRONMENT conducive to TEAM BUILDING ... To be holding TRAINING CAMP at this stage of the season when they are a MERE 2 games out of a PO spot is ABSOLUTELY UNFORGIVEABLE !!!!!

I do AGREE that Mitchell is in WAY OVER his head though ... I'm recalling TWO SPECIFIC Quotes of his ... One had to do with Marcel Desjardins' tenure when he said something about "At no time did we discuss a complete REBUILD" - what a JOKE ... If ANYBODY needed to BLOW up the team it was Desjardins ... Look at the ROSTER ... O'Bumbler kept a HUGE number of the CORE players Desjardins brought in - then he JETTISONED TWO SOLID LB's ... The second pearl I recall Scott "I'm here cuz' of Daddy" Mitchell offering was something about "not picturing ANY scenario in which Taafe was NOT going to finish the year as HC" ...

This ORGANIZATION is still a MESS, and has actually REGRESSED under the BUMBLING one ... GREAT GOING GUYS !!!!!

The ABSOLUTE WORSTE feature of this season is the COMPLETE, and ABSOLUTE lack of Professional RESPECT given to Richie Williams. I sincerely HOPE Richie can find his way OUT of Hamilton and in to a CFL Organization that will RESPECT ALL that he brings to a team.

Keep trying O'Billovich - you can't do ANY WORSE.


8) You are absolutely right in your comments regarding Charlie Taaffe. Both Obie and Mitchell were quoted as saying that Charlie's job was safe for the balance of the year !!
  Obie even went so far as to say that he did not believe in firing Head Coaches in mid season. and that Taaffe would be re-evaluated at the end of the season.

  Then within days of making those statements, Charlie is canned  !!  Now I am not saying that Charlie was the answer here as our coach, he obviously wasn't, but both Mitchell and Obie lost all credibility by firing him when they did, after saying his job was safe  !!!  Credibility , or lack of it on these 2 guys part  is the issue here  !!!

   As far as your comments regarding Richie Williams, I don't think you will see him wearing a TiCat uniform next year either  !!!

As I've wrote before, if Scott Mitchell had any respect for the fans and all the people working in the organisation he would step down. I think the only way he goes is if BY fires him.

Look at his bio. Anything there that merits him being the president of a struggling pro sports franchise?

Upon graduation, Mitchell embarked on his business career, which began with a stint with the CFL’s Baltimore Stallions. Mitchell then initiated a career in sports broadcasting, management and marketing in Toronto. After getting his start in the broadcasting industry with CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada, Mitchell went on to produce an array of professional and amateur sports, including NHL hockey, CFL and CIS football, and NLL lacrosse

Mitchell created his own sports marketing agency and production company in 1999, helping athletes and companies maximize their potential while consulting with a variety of ownership groups and continuing to develop new broadcast properties.

In recent years, Mitchell formed a partnership with renowned athlete representative Gil Scott. The pair worked together to establish the preeminent football and hockey management agency in Canada, focusing on NFL, CFL and hockey executives as clients.

A passionate advocate of amateur sports, Mitchell sits on a number of amateur sports related boards including the Canadian Athletic Foundation and also remains active with the development of CIS Sport.


Obilovich's job was really simple when you think about it. Improve the coaching staff around Taffe. Improve the talent on the field. His results: He hired failed assistants and then if not enough promoted one to HC. Then he failed to improve the team through 1) the draft, by drafting players who made zero contribution, even traded a pick to replace Armour who he would not offer a deal to. 2)through free agency, Tony Miles ! 3) Through scouting imports, a bunch of kids with zero experience, some acutally basketball players 4) Through trades, botched Watkins deal by telling his staff deal was done when it wasn't, Moreno for a pick.

When you see receivers drop 2 consectutive balls in the end zone, you see a rookie QB sacked over and over a gain and then you look at a zone defense that is so soft and far away from the play that has bad tackling fundamentals. The failings of Obilovich are obvious.

Basicaly, Bob Young got sold another bill of goods with a bunch of people making money off his generosity and unwillingness to get involved in the management of the franchise. I figure it cost him 20 to 25 percent drop in season ticket sales for next season.

At this point he's got no choice but to ride these guys out. Its such a mess that there isn't one credible GM or Coach that will be tied to this organisation. It is what it is. But there is no doubt in my mind that Mitchell's hate and lack of respect for Desjardin's position and understanding of the difficult task last year led to this. Its called Karma...

The law of Karma teaches that responsibility for unskillful actions is born by the person who commits them.

Unskillful actions...

I agree Time to pull his Plug FIRE HIM !!!

Great Post I Agree 100 %

Interesting analogy by supercflfan in comparing Scott Mitchell to Matt Millen. Here is a statistical comparison of the on-field success of their respective teams during their tenures as president:

Millen- 8 1/4 seasons- 115 games, 31 wins, 84 losses = 26.9% winning percentage
Mitchell- 1 3/4 seasons- 31 games, 5 wins, 26 losses = 16.1% winning percentage

Scott Mitchell is the George W. Bush of the CFL. How sad is that. They both even have influential Daddy’s.

:rockin: :) :) :) OH MY WHERE IN TROUBLE .....

The team's stated goal for this year was

to field a competitive team
and take a shot at the play offs

Marcel Desjardin dug us too big a hole
to be any more optimistic than that

the more realistic goal was to to field a team
that would be competitive in most games.

We definitely have succeeded at the latter.

Obie was responsible for that and Scott hired him.

Scott stays. [As if there is any doubt.]

It is hard not to take this thread as a joke really.

A thread saying Pinball should be fired from the Argos
might make more sense to the conspiracy theory crowd.

His Record is worst then Matt Millen
The Lions Fired Millen for a Better Record..
Come on Ron .. How can you be so dam Blind..

Are you not at all Angry ..... competitive in most games Yes but about a Win Record Better then 2 ..
2 Wins 10 Sacks last game .. I am Angry Very Angry ..
Hell most of the Guys where Just happy to go out
See what Vancouver had to see as Tourists
Read the Papers and Watch TV
You'll see that they Cared about two day in BC as Tourists on Bobs Dime..

Ron where good Friends but this team is a Joke and Scott Mitchell is the Punchline..

Wow! Ron you keep blaming Desjardin. But you never back it up with any facts. There was one suspect trade with Saskatchewan and Desjardin made that deal knowing one of the players was going to leave and he let Taffe pick his assistants, Everybody wanted Taffe and the trade with Saskatchewan brought a quality player to Hamilton.

Funny how Desjardins is back in Montreal and they've added 3 Defensive linesman (two starting, Williams, Mcelveen) one on his way..wait till you see this guy. Drafted two guys making an impact on special teams (Emry,Woldu) and the best Olinesman prospect in 20 years (Woodruff) despite losing a pick. Signed 3 top notch QB prospects (Santos,Mcpherson,Leach). Signed Jamal Richardson you know and experienced deep treat receiver....and Reggy Hunt an all-star Linebacker.

Desjardins has been succesful everywhere he's been with the exception of Hamilton but if it helps you justify what is going on today. I'm sure he's ok with it.

Scott Mitchell - I can not put my finger on this situation but something definately stinks at 1 Jarvis. I get the impression Scott Mitcthell is on arroagnt son of a gun. Who in there right mind would black out our Leagues Hall of Fame Induction game? If I were Bob Young - Micthell should be fired immediately - think of the cash we could distribute towrds some real talent. I believe the office at 1 Jarvis is way too top heavy. What does Rambo - Mitchell - Obilovitch - US kid related to the Colt's management team bring to the table? Something stinks on Jarvis street. I beleive it all starts with Scott Mitchell - see ya!!!!!!!!!

Not just the ticats run out of jarvis st. People need to realise that as long as MRX and LULU are making money and growing the ticats are just a little write off for bob and company. A little toy they keep afloat so the city bows to everything they ask for. Scott mitchell finally did what many said needed to be done. Proper hiarchy. Owner hired pres, pres hired gm, gm hired coach. I guess its gonna take some time before the jury is in but obie hasnt been around that long.

I'm thinking some/most of the credit for those Montreal signings could be given to their real GM, Jim Popp.

This post will be locked in 3… 2… 1…

Dear Mr. Mitchell,

I trust you read these boards and, if not, am sure that you are informed regarding certain posts. I am writing an open letter (and plea) to you concerning the future of football in Hamilton.

I don’t want to be over-dramatic, but we are now entering VERY dangerous territory. Our record over the last 5 seasons is one of the worst, if not the worst, in professional sports.

I have read many of the posts recently that lay some, or most, of the blame on management. To an extent, these posts are correct. But, let’s be honest, our talent may not be the best in the CFL but our dismal record simply cannot be solely blamed on management. Players play, coach’s coach.

This brings me to the main reason for my post - I posted a few weeks back that we have a very good nucleus at the most important positions (QB-Printers, RB-Lumsden, MLB-Moreno and PK-Setta). We need to stay the course with this nucleus. Printers just needs some help from the O-line and Jesse needs some honest to goodness LUCK. He just can’t keep this pace of strange injuries.

The signing of Kenton Keith was a “curious” one to say the least. I’ve watched him over the last two years and agree with many of today’s posters that it’s too early to judge him (on one game). But I have observed him during the NFL pre-season and also last night that - he may really have lost a step or two. His cuts aren’t as crisp, nor is his vision. He had an uncanny ability of making something out of nothing.

On that note - we need to keep JESSE LUMSDEN at all costs!! If the rumours are true concerning Jesse leaving for Edmonton at the end of the season, it could turn out to be one of the greatest public relations disasters ever in Canada. Again, not to be overly dramatic, but it’s true. Jesse means more to this team and to this community than you may imagine.

I realize that there are the “Lumsden” bashers. The ones who want to trade him, turn him into a slot back, and the real extreme who want to put him out to pasture. But the true (and knowledgable CFL fans) know that what we have in Lumsden comes around maybe once or twice in a generation. Can you say RUSS JACKSON or TONY GABRIEL or JIMMY YOUNG. Canadian CFL players who can form the basis and the face of a franchise for 10-15 years, and beyond including retirement.

If we do not sign Lumsden and let him get away, it would be horrific for the Ticats’ organization for years and years to come. Even worse if he goes out to Edmonton, (or gasp) Toronto and turns in some 1,000 yard rushing seasons. We then would be the laughing stock of the league - can you say Doug Gilmour traded from the Flames…can you say Wayne Gretzky leaving the Oilers. Honest to God, it would be comparable.

The trading or not signing of Jesse Lumsden would be an absolute nightmare for this franchise Mr. Mitchell. Regardless of how Keith plays down the stretch, you MUST resign Lumsden. We honestly do not know what we’ll get from Keith. It will be a bonus if he can regain his form. Put them both in the same backfield. Any team in Canada would die for that backfield. The cap issue can be manouvered, and again, honestly the extra $50,000 or so you would need to resign Lumsden is not going to make a huge dent in the 4 Million+ cap you have to play with.

To close my open letter to you Mr. Mitchell, I will pledge to buy 3 seasons tickets next season if you can resign the face of the Tiger-Cats, Jesse Lumsden, for next season and beyond. Just think of the negative reaction to not signing him in the off-season. Can you possibly think of anything that would help you not lose 1000's of current season ticket holders? I can't. I had season tickets for years and am willing to buy them again. But simply do not want to see you lose the only true franchise player we've had this decade.

I will send out a printed copy of this letter to you as well as I would like a response.

xxxxxx oskee
in Dundas

Hear hear!!

There's nothing like mass negativity that brings the mysterious 0-5 post type(s) out of the darkness.Even more so when the negativity is personalized.