Preperations for the Semis tomorrow...

1 - 1kg ground beef for hamburgers
2 - About 30 beers consisting of various Coopers, Okanogan Springs and Big Rock
3 - MANY bottles of whisk(e)y
4 - Lots of popcorn
5 - A leather la-z-boy recliner
6 - My Lions flag
7 - #12 Dave Dickenson game worn jersey
8 - Big tv to watch the Lions upset the TiCats!

Tomorrow shall be a great day indeed! :smiley:

& then you woke up. :roll:

:thdn: :lol:

Will you be drinking any BC Lions beer?

Nope, haven't tried it yet. I really should get on it.

There are two big games for me tomorrow. First the Eskimos visit the Stamps, and then the Colts host the Patriots.

I have plenty of Blue in the fridge, and I still have a little rum left from a few weeks ago. Not sure what I'm going to do for dinner. I imagine I'll get takeout between the two games. There's a nice family pizza joint around the corner.

Going to be an exciting day of football!

...or if the Eskimos and Colts lose, it's going to be an incredibly frustrating day... :x

By the Colts I assume you mean the Cats/Lions game rite?

the pats vs colts will be dull, american style football… zzzzzz

No. Unfortunately, the Colts are my NFL team, so I have to watch the game. The Ti-Cats are my second favourite CFL team, but I kind of expect them to roll all over the Lions... eventually... lol (What's with the low 6-3 score???)

You mean the 16-6 score? :smiley: