In almost all of the teams losses and certainly in some of our wins...we have started poorly. The team looks uninspired...the pace of the play development is slow and you can all say its Porter (which is a major problem) but it runs deep into the entire is simply not ready to play.

The only reasonable person to point a finger at is the coach ...not just Marcel...but the entire coaching staff...this team has talent and has displayed that in many outings...sometimes too late...

There is a fundamental preparation issue on this team..why is it that we make such great adjustments coming out of the half....we have to execute on play is not enough to make adjustments , sometimes you have to be the hammer not the first half nail...the cats are not good enough to play catch up all the time!!!!

8) Preparation ?? There is no such a thing in the TiCats vocabulary.
 For this team to come out, at home, in what had to be their most important game (so far) of this 

 season, and to watch them get spanked, right from the opening kick off, is nothing short of a 


 They should have been jacked, and sky high for this game.  The coaching staff does have to take

  some of the blame for this, but so do the players.  No enthusiasm, or sense of urgency at all.

  Fans were bailing out of the stadium by halftime, and who can blame them ??

  Why would anyone want to pay money to watch this kind of crap.   Two home blowouts in a row.

  This team will be lucky to draw 17,000 for their final game.

There has to be personal accountability. I was curious to see how this week would turn out. Both Trestman and Bellefeuille went about the week the same way. Both teams playing home after longer than usual layoff, both gave their guys some extra time off to heal and rest and two completely different result.

In the end guys have to make plays...

Hey Tipper, your bang on. My son wanted to go home at half time, he has never asked me that before. He's eleven and you know Tipper how much he loves football and his Ti-Cats but he couldn't bare to watch what was happening to his team again so we left at half time for the first time ever.

I still can't believe how poorly they played especially a game that meant so much.

I took my 23yr old daughter and 11 yr old son and both wanted to go home at 1/2 time.

These performance at home are a killer on fans. This team needs a home playoff game or Bob will lose another 5000 season ticket holders.

First....I also bailed on the team at half time. My blood pressure couldn't take it and somehow yelling at the TV just doesn't seem to generate any positive results.

Secondly....perhaps this thread should be re-named "Preparation H". There's a joke in there somewhere tying Preparation H to how the Ticats played on Monday but I'm too tired to come up with one. I'll leave that for someone else.

AB3 DID have haemorroids earlier this season...