Preparation the Key for Taaffe

The following link to a 2005 article in the Washington Post provides good insight as to the intensity of the preparation Charlie Taaffe will give to and expect from his quarterbacks:

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By the way, former Maryland quarterback Scott McBrien is a free agent after having been released by the Montreal Alouettes earlier this year. Maybe the Ticats should take a look at him.

Thanks for posting a link to that Washington Post article. It gave us a reminder of what kind of coach Taaffe is, and why it is great to have him here.

Here are a few interesting excerpts form the article, contining quotes from McBrien and Anthony Calvillo:

"I'll tell you one thing: I learned more football from those two guys than I learned in my whole career," said former Maryland quarterback Scott McBrien, who was 21-6 as a starter. "If I didn't play under those two coaches, I don't know if I would have ever had the successful career that I had."

"At least two to three hours of film study before we even started practice," said Anthony Calvillo, another Alouettes quarterback who played under Taaffe. "He was always questioning me, what am I looking for on pretty much every route. Mentally he was putting me through a game before I even entered a game."

I didn't know McBrien was on the Alouettes roster, but there may the possibility Taaffe might be interested in giving him a look.

Anyway, that was a very interesting article, and it's definitely worth taking the time to read it. Looks like the Ticats, the quarterbacks in particular, had better be prepared to be prepared.

Wow Quite A Read Maybe He can Turn Maas Around.

Good find TCTD.

I hope this year with some TLC from Charlie and hard work
from himself, Jason Maas will be ‘doing instead of stewing.’

Maas will "wither" from the pressure.

If Dose he be on Plane out Hamilton Real Quick.. Cause Our new Coach will make shure of it.

all you can do is go up.

Gee Maas hasnt even met the man and you have him out of town already !!!!

Did he mention an OC or DC ?? I guess they will have to be work horses like Taaffe which will be nice . Im sure this guy can adapt at halftime which will be nice for a change !!!

Funny cause all i wanted was for a coach to adapt over the course of a SEASON!

Crash , i think you know i meant half time adjustments !!!!

I listened to the full presser clip on, Habman. Taaffe indicated that he has been talking to coaches he knows and has worked with before as part of the process. He did not tip his hand specifically to any name on either side of the ball. He did stress the need to get as much CFL-grounded expertise as possible on staff, especially with regards to the special teams.

All in all, a solid message and a early holiday gift! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,