Premier match pré-saison

Ce premier match pré-saison sera très intéressant, considérant tous les remaniements tant à l'attaque qu'à la défensive.

Attendons-nous à voir les entraîneurs tester leurs idées sur le poste où Anderson jouera avec les Alouettes. Également, on doit s'attendre à ce que chaque demie présente deux paires de porteurs de ballon.

J'ai particulièrement hâte de voir si des schémas de blocages sur les retours de bottés ont été ajoutés : c'est vraiment une grande faiblesse de cette équipe.

Il sera également intéressant de voir de quel bois McPherson et Santos se chauffent.

lestaf I expect most of the vets to see action in the 1st exhibition game(what they were called before they became pre season games) but no more then a half(which may be split within the 4 quarters) with rookies sprinkled in quite liberally for the 2 halves!!! most of rookies that play the 1st game will be the ones already on the fence for being cut!! the 2nd exhibition game don't expect any of the older vets to travel: i.e. flory, cavillo, stewart, estelle, anderson, spencer, cox, richardson, diedrick, watkins and besasiak!! it will be the back-ups from last year and current rookies trying to nail a spot with team!! don't expect to see many new offensive or defensive plays but some pretty standard als stuff!! blitzing maybe increased just to see how the players are picking up the new defence!!

On pense a faire alterner les porteurs de ballons par serie et meme possiblement par jeux ! On semble avoir enormement de difficultes a distinguer entre les quatres.

do you think bernard, marc, cobb and whitaker each will play a quarter?

The veterans, including Calvillo, usually play the first half of the second game, in order to get repetitions in a game situation. In the first game, new players fighting for a spot are usually seen. The new guys really only get the first game, and a few plays in the second game to win a roster spot. It has always been this way since Trestman took over as coach.

with WRs going down will the popp/desjardins machine bring in A WR KELLY CAMPBELL for a look see? and yes I'm very aware of certain views on campbell by several posters so therefore there's no need to answer with the usual NO!!

with WRs going down will the popp/desjardins machine bring in A WR KELLY CAMPBELL for a look see? and yes I'm very aware of certain views on campbell by several posters so therefore there's no need to answer with the usual NO!!

I hope they give each at least a series of downs before switching.
It would be nice to see someone step up and get into a rhythm.
Changing backs every play would be chaotic...and I don't see how the coaching staff will have an easy time appraising each back under such a system.

Nice that preseason games are on TSN
A couple extra games/year

Tout à fait d'accord. C'est pourquoi je croyais qu'ils se partageraient les demies par paires. Quoique si les demis font des séquences complètes (jusqu'à ce que l'adversaire ait le ballon), ça peut donner une idée de la préparation du joueur.

I believe it was trestman but it could have been "THE DON" that said which was a surprise to me that the exhibition games were not the deciding factor in a player staying or going but that practice played a larger part in the comings and goings of a player!! which may explain why RB EMMANUEL MARC spent the whole year on the P.R. and is still in the 2011 TC!! whitaker/bernard/cobb/marc all could stick with the team post TC!!

It makes sense....really

Pre-season games are all askew.
Some veterans with little to play for
Some newcomers with perhaps their careers on the line
Some nursing injuries....or simply (and here I'm thinking of McPherson for example) trying to get through the preseason without being injured.
There no doubt that under the microscope....on the training camp gridiron....coaches can make their decisions based on the criterion they a controlled environment, as it were.

While I'm always happy to watch the Alouettes play
I've rarely come out of a PS game with much more than say, last years final game against TO....for example

For "those" who keep asking over and over again, NO. The Als will not be inviting Kelly Campbell Or Steven Turner to join the team. You don't pay Campbell 6 figures to be a 4th or 5th receiver. Both of these guys can run the 40 in 4.3 seconds. It means very little when they cannot catch the ball. They play against defensive backs, not stopwatches.

Pierre Vercheval from RDS has mentionned that the preseason games will also be aired on RDS! Good news for those who are used to watching RDS. I personally prefer the analyses and game commentary of Denis Casavant and Pierre Vercheval. The TSN guys aren't bad (except maybe for that one guy who was always saying "Jarret Payton, son of..."). But the RDS duo is closer to the team. Vercheval also explains things from a player's perspective (he played the game), which can be very interesting.

Exact, mais c'est aussi le cas pour Duane Forde, Matt Dunigan, Glen Suitor et Chris Schultze.

Believe you are correct.

Dunigan's a hoot
I wish he'd "colour" every game
He's a bit off on his observations now and again
But I get a kick out of him every time.

in every sport the local broadcasters are far more interesting then the national broadcasters!! lestaf absolutely correct!! exactly as I posted the anti campbell faction weights in with what was exactly expected!!! campbell is not a $100,000+ WR anymore!! he's a $65,000+ WR now!! just like porter, baker & rodriquez etc!! as far as their speed is concerned it's an asset that can't be taught!! campbell prior to leaving edmonton for the NFL several years ago had no problem catching the ball as he had a 1000+ yard season as he left defenders in his wake!! as for turner if your making that statement based on this TC you need to realize he had more important concerns on his mind then catching the ball!! he still needs more then a year to rehab himself(again don't believe me go ask a rehab specialist) to be able to apply his full concentration on catching the ball!! and yes SPEED KILLS!! don't believe me then why is everybody worried about larry taylor in calgary and chad owens in toronto? SPEED!! also I believe out of taylor, owens and brian bratton that #85 is still the fastest!!

And yet somehow Taylor and Owens are 5x the returner Bratton is
That's because other elements are equally important
Like the ability to read holes and lanes
Like Taylor, and Ezra Landry before him

And the toughness and leverage to bust through them when needed
Like Chad Owens and a personal favorite: Dickie Harris

Maybe it is a gift from Taylor says
If so...Bratton wasn't exactly at the head of the line
(that one GC return excluded...of course)
Just behind Tim Maypray
(that one return in the post season excluded...of course)

Tim Maypray had a great GC game, there was also that catch on the short kick at the 21 yard line that drew a 15 yard penalty. The kid is 22 years old, let's give him a chance.

yes have enjoyed watching tim maypray and yes like has been mentioned plus like trestman did last play-off time giving the kid time to breathe and play!! as per bratton his regular postion is as a WR not a returner!! where as landry, taylor, owens, maypray et al was as a returner!! that's why the poster that posted making owens an offensive starter will have a negative influence on his return game is 100% right!! and yes dickie harris along with "THE ORDINARY SUPERSTAR" johnny rodgers were fine returners but my favorite was randy rhino!!