Premier League

Anyone else a fan? I started watching a couple years ago when they started airing every weekend games on NBCSports. Hull is my team and are now 2-0, one of those wins against the champ Leicester. Coming up on a murderer's row now... coming up are.. Man United, Burnley, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea. Other than Burnley... ouch!!

Love the Premier League. They fill my weekend mornings now through May.

Of the 'big name' teams I've always liked Liverpool. I really enjoy it when some of the recently promoted teams do well too. What Leicester City did last year was truly miraculous.

Was a bit shocked with Burnley knocking off Liverpool the other day and Liverpool are going to be in tough against Tottenham this Saturday too.

I went to a game at Watford when I was over in England many years ago so when they are in the Premier League ever since then I have a tendancy to cheer fofr them. I always have liked West Ham United too and will be interested to see how they do in their new Olympic Stadium home.

And with their new managers the two Manchester teams should be interesting to watch too.

The Premier League has become my saturday morning ritual. Coffee, breakfast, and premier league. I'm still shocked at Hull's start. I'm not getting ahead of myself but for a team in supposed turmoil they have some tools to work with. And if they beat Man United this weekend... whoa. Or even tie really. As a Hull fan my only goal this year is to stay in the top tier. That's it.

I'm the same with the newly promoted teams. I was really pulling for Norwich last year and I like Watford now too. I only started getting into it a couple years ago so I'm not up on all the players and transfers and the ins and outs but I'm learning :slight_smile: When I was picking a team to cheer for I wanted to stay away from the London teams and Man United... they strike me as the Yankees of the Premier League aka the bandwagon jumpers and housewives like them lol Honestly I picked Hull because of where they are and the uni colors. Orange and black reminds me of halloween and that's my favorite holiday. Of the bigger teams I don't mind Liverpool. I mean I'm always for them against Man United.

I really hate Jose Mourinho. He seems like such an elitest arrogant pos. He's the kinda guy you'd love to see someone smack the piss out of.

I used to be a big fan of EPL who never missed a weekend of action. Even had an Arsenal poster on my bed-side wall for many years. But over the last 10 years I slowly started losing interest, as MLS started expanding and gaining traction. The support for a team in another continent I never even visited, let alone lived in, and the experience all started to seem hallow. I have no connection to those cities and their clubs and their stadiums. I'm an outsider and likely always will be. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver etc. are real my cities the way London, Manchester, or Liverpool never will be. The experience of supporting my local team and league has been amazing and much more fulfilling, even though the quality of play on field is not the same. Being present at the stadium dressed in the same colour as 20,000 fellow supporters, cheering on the same team - regardless of win or loss - and against 19 different teams of this continent every other week..that's what it's all about. I feel the same way when it comes to supporting the CFL too (vs. NFL) for that matter.

I like MLS too. Sporting KC to be exact. Unfortunately for me I don't live near any MLS or NFL teams. I guess the Tennessee Titans are kinda close (3 hour drive) but not close enough to go every week. I also like the CFL and NFL. I like the premier league and NFL better than their counterparts for one reason really, level of play.

Stupid Hull. Lost in literally the last minute.

Yup. They let Rooney get into a dangerous position - and then the defenders in front of the net didn’t make a move on either the goal scorer or the ball. They were spectators. Tough way to lose - but based on the run of play - Man U winning was the right result.

Yeah... and playing one of the best teams in the league that tight is a pretty good thing actually. Just sucks losing like that. Was bound to happen. Seems the entire 2nd half was played in front of Hull's goal. Would have been nice to get a point there though.