Premier League 2019 - 2020 - on DAZN

If I had any doubt - that went away today after watching the FA Supporters Shield game today on Sportsnet 1. What a fantastic game between Liverpool and Man City. (Man City winning on penalty kicks.)

But how much I enjoyed the game convinced me that I won’t be happy trying to live on the odd Premier League game on NBC. I’ll have to bite the bullet and sign up for DAZN so that I can get all the league games (that start Friday) + the UEFA games. Looks like there is some MLB, MLS, tennis and NFL stuff on their schedule that I’ll likely look in on every once in awhile too.

Now the decision - do I sign up with the $20 per month - 1st month free of the $150.00 for a year with first month free deal. Since the Premier League runs until May that would be 9 months = $180 if I do it monthly.

Not happy these aren’t on TSN and Sportsnet any more.

I just got my free 30 days as well.
I wanted to watch my favourtie Croatian team in the beginning of the Champions League, but surprisingly they are not showing until the next round on Aug. 20.
I doubt that I will renew, the channells are horribly slow to manage.

Tell me how you like it and how it comes in .

Is it easy to navigate; is there added extras that are easy to use like past games loaded and ready to watch for a week or so if you miss a game .

TSN sub moves the menu around and none of the shows line up and there is no past games to watch .Wouldn’t want two poor subs like that for that price .

OK - logged into DAZN for the first time last night and it had last week’s Premier League games on demand. Watching one of them the stream seemed to hiccup about once every 10-15 seconds and a few times it got a little pixelly looking - but otherwise not terrible. You could jump ahead to any point during the game.

Just now watched live the Arsenal - Burnley game and it was better. My bedroom TV is not a smart TV. It is an old 42" Samsung Plasma. So I just streamed on my laptop attached with an HDMI cable to the TV and that seemed to work just fine. I could open other browser windows to get some work done and the audio feed still came through. And it was fairly easy to hit the back 30 seconds icon to then see what I had just heard. And that worked fairly well.

So - so far I would say OK.

Now we’ll see what it is like at 10 when I’m going to want to flip between multiple games. I’ll let you know how that goes.

A few hiccups - some of which I think you can blame on my Cogeco internet - but once I started streaming DAZN on my laptop using the Microsoft Edge browser instead of Chrome the feed was much more consistent.

And I enjoy the choices they provide too. Every Premier League game that was played earlier today you can watch the entire game or a highlight package. Plus all kinds of other Premier related programming on demand including some documentary profile type programs or previews of tomorrow’s games. Even watched a 10 minute highlight package of the Super Cup UEFA game that took place last week between Liverpool (Champions League Cup winners and Chelsea - Europa Cup winners. Good game with Liverpool winning in a shootout.

Tonight - had I not been watching the CFL - DAZN had several MLS or NFL preseason games they were carrying live.

Oh - and best of all - apparently you can sign in on up to 3 devices with your login - and a friend is letting me use his login - for a while anyways because he says he never is using three different devices at once. So this may not cost me anything - for awhile anyways.

Well I am a Premier League fan of Liverpool here, and in the US of course already we get more than enough coverage via the excellent production of NBC’s networks.

We also now get great coverage of Italy’s Serie A on ESPN channels.

Travel Pat thank you for sharing this feedback on DAZN, which interestingly is headed by John Skipper who was ousted effectively at long last and far too late from from his position as head of ESPN. Even more interesting is that Skipper also has tapped the notorious Jamie Horowitz for DAZN’s content so as to help build “The Netflix of Sports.”

In November, Disney+ is launching in the US and the service is being stated to include also the already existing ESPN+ service.

My oh my how the plot will thicken for sports coverage in the US after about two months.

I’m taking notes from you all on this post because live online streaming on demand via such services, which many of us in the US have done anyway via the pirate seas to catch various sporting events not on TV over the years, will replace far more sports coverage that has been on cable television.

As noted on another thread from the summer, this year I’ve noticed already for example ESPN pushing more of the content they used to run regularly on the cable channels and on ESPN3 onto ESPN+ as a scam of sorts given that such content was included in the past at no additional charge.

And of course in particular in the summer, on ESPN we are left with all kinds of filler crap on the regular channels along with all the annoying fake sports debate shows. Mercifully, such days of scrolling through the drudgery of so many channels on cable to find something are ending as more such services launch and add content well into the next decade.

Good to know . May give it a try later in the NFL season .