Pregame Ceremony and Pinball

is there anyone who can provide footage of what pinball said at half about ron? also, i’d love it if someone could also provide footage from the pregame ceremony that viewers did not see.
thank-you in advance to anyone who can do this.


[url=] ... #clip94361[/url]

TSN has a highlight on their site with the Pinball talking,I couldn't get the sound so I'm not sure if his complete speach is included.....
TSN has it all on film.(somewhere)

Great ceremony ,better than any other HOF half time yet,loved John Bonks speach,& Fluties & Pringles.....!

Pinball's tribute to Ron was great and the fan reaction was testament to this.

I do believe the Tribute to Ron will be posted on TiCats TV. If anyone has any different info, please correct me.

I haven't logged on here in a long time due to reasons that don't need to be mentioned at this time. But a loss like this seems to change things, and certain respects need to be payed. Here is some footage of the pre-game ceremony...more footage to come...