Prefontaine mad at 'family' Argo organization!!

According to Sportsnet's Perry Lefko:

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While I do think Pre is overreacting a little, my question is, when did the whole 'family' thing start with the Argos? What makes them 'family' any more then any other organization in the league? Don't get me wrong, the Argos do a lot for the community and I'm sure make the game experience family friendly. But so does every other team, don't they?

Also, I think Pre will notice a huge difference between the fan base in Toronto and the fan base in Edmonton. He'll actually be recognized on the street. And, CFL will not be on the back page of the Sun sports in a corner box.

for an immediate reaction, its understandable, he is being emotional right now. Like he indicates, in time he will feel different.

now that pre is gone, BRING BACK ROBERT BAKER!!!

i do agree with him 100% about the argos.

they cut bashir levingston, robert baker. trade jordan younger and let tony miles leave.

its not a family, its just business.

even in a family, you have to let people go who are not doing the job up to expectations.

who exactly are the 'family members' in the argos? there isnt 1 player whos untouchable.

when i hear them talk about family, it makes me think theres a core group of guys who are argos til they die....

but they'd all be cut if someone more desirable became available.

im not complaining, im just sayin, stop calling it a family when it is clearly not....its just another football team.

I do symphatize with Pre when he says Adam was brief and so was the Pinball and he expected a whole lot more from the two.

I missed something? Where does it mention pinball in that article???

FYB it's alot more detailed in the Toronto Star article I read today.

Obviously a shock and a disappointment to be leaving a place your happy with. I agree that he'll enjoy the Eskies.

But all in all, I still think he would have been better served to put a more positive spin on things.

the star article says he didnt even talk to pinner.

Just another "idiot kicker" mouthing off...Earth to Pre: your family is your family, the CFL is business, hello!!!

I dont beleive its a CEOs job to get personally involved in these situations.

There are very few organizations that are loyal to a player to the end. Usually, they have to find that out the hard way.

There's no crying in baseball!

As far as the "family" concept goes. No one should think the Argos arn't a business like everyone else, however they do keep a lot of players around, build a solid core that feels like a family. Pre is upset he is leaving where he feels comfortable and likes everyone. That's the difference between great teams and bad ones. Players are actually upset when they leave the Argos! Can't say that for many other teams, especially one down the road.

We’re very excited at Noel coming here. He’s definatle IMO the front runner for the feild goal kicking duties here in Edmonton.

Thanks Toronto, we have our replacement for Flemming.

Despite the fact that people hate 'leaving the Argos'. This does not mean that the Argos are the 'family' organization of the league. Every other team has (or had) players (i.e. DJ Flick in Hamilton) that were upset when they leave. Heck, once players leave Toronto, they probably love their new team. After all, they actually get noticed by fans in their new city and they're no longer on the back page of the sports section in the bottom corner, right below the lawn bowling section and darts.

…he’ll get over it…like someone said…biz. is biz…suggestion for Prefontaine…whenever you punt the ball, Noel ,just imagine its Adam Ritas’ arse your booting and everything will work out well… :lol:

Good post papa!

I think Flemming will retire and Prefontaine will be Punter and Kicker. O'Missy, well perhaps he can go and flip Burgers in the Edmonton End zones where they have the Bar-B-Ques.