Prefontaine headed back to Argos!


that's crazy. I guess that is what happens when you are an American Kicker!

they needed a Canadian Starting spot taken up and he was one of them.

IMO Tillman has started a garage sale of Eskimo players in the hope of getting a younger team where their better years are in front of them and get some room in the area of salary cap. At present the Eskimos have aging players with their best years behind them.

Anyone want a deal on two old QB's - great stat's. Two for one deals considered.

This one shocks me with BC unable to generate the momentum to really put us out of the running for the playoffs. I've not seen any evidence that Schiavone is ready to be the full-time K/P, nor that he's going to make a 57-yarder if called upon.

Well, I can understand this move on the Argos end of things. While Medlock is a good kicker, he doesn't want to be in the CFL he wants to pursue an NFL career and he might not be around next season and Prefontaine can help develop their other kickers. They also want to have another import spot freed up to build the rest of the team. However on the Eskimos end of things, while getting two prospects is good and Tillman likely knows how to properly ensure they are developed right, every time you put in an inexperienced kicker, you are rolling the dice. Granted the Eskimos season is practically over this year, but if they don't make a deal for a kicker, this could come back to haunt them.

who knows, maybe the Esks will make a huge deal to the Lions for Sean Whyte?

send Kelly Campbell to the Lions.

And the Esks take Medlock. :lol:

like I don't get this move..

now they have to find an American to boot off the 46 man list.

Tillman has slowly but surely started to change things in eskimo land. Medlock and Armstrong in a couple days? Very good.
The argos should not have released Medlock. The guy is money. If you're going to use an import spot for a kicker might as well be him.

Watch out, this guy certainly knows what he's doing.

Also have to wonder what this means regarding the future of Derek Schiavone with the Esks. Will Medlock be doing both or sharing duties with Schiavone?

ya we already knew that in Saskatchewan! :lol:

kinda saw this one coming. pretty good move by the Esks there. although they went from an NI kicker to an import, they basically got a former first-round prospect and a neg. list prospect, plus a likely upgrade at kicker (as much as I like Pre, Medlock is awesome), for nothing.

Medlock may not be around long-term (he still wants to give the NFL another shot, I'm sure), so for now I'd suspect Schiavone is still in their plans one way or another. I don't think he'd be sharing duties with Medlock for now though. Medlock punted well in 09 and is definitely a better kicker.

Prefontaine also wasn't likely to stay in Edmonton that long, there was apparently some issues there that came to light after the trade. So really, Tillman got a fair bit for a player they needed to move. If they can resign Medlock long term, then they're set at that position. That guy is awesome.