Prefontaine headed back to Argos!

yup, this just came in!

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The Eskimos will receive backup Canadian defensive lineman Etienne Legare, a first-round pick of the Argos in 2009, and likely an additional player or draft pick.

The Argos need a punter because Jamie Boreham suffered a serious hamstring injury in the Argos' victory over Saskatchewan on Saturday and is sidelined indefinitely.

The Eskimos have a backup punter/kicker in Canadian Derek Schiavone, who is in his third year but has played sparingly behind Prefontaine.

Wow. I know he wasn’t happy with the way he was traded out of Toronto to Edmonton so he might be happy to be going back. So is he strictly going to handle punting? Not bad depth at kicking position for the argos haha.

Legare is supposed to be a pretty good Non-Import. They also probably have confidence in Schiavone.

Eh. I won't miss him. He's a talented kicker, but he has a bad habit of making a lot of bad kicks/punts.

I don't really see why the Argos made the trade unless they don't expect Medlock to be back next season.

I presume you mean 2011 not 09.

But what a brilliant move by Tillman. His goal is to improve NI content. To get depth and a number one for a kicker is astounding.
well done ET. He smelled argo blood and went after it. Amazing.

Edit: I misread the post. after reading the article I see he got a guy who was a 2009 first pick and perhaps an additional pick.
Not as astounding but still good.

I thought that too.

no, it's the player is their 2009 draft pick.

Schiavone is a pretty good player, and Legare is a nice pickup for sure. I'm kind of surprised the Argos made this move, though.

Think the Esk's got the best of this one.Got a guy who was the top DL prospect of the '09 draft, a first round pick this year and a player/pick to be determined all for a K/P.Prefontaine's good and all but wow lol.

only Legare and a player/pick. article isn’t worded very well but it’s basically saying Legare (who was a 1st rounder in 09) and a player/pick … not Legare, 1st rounder, player/pick … still, with the Esks having Schiavone ready, I think they got the better end of the deal too

Ah, okay then.At least it's not my error :slight_smile:
But yeah, Esk's still win this one IMO.

I don't think there's a winner here. Argos have an immediate need for a punter, and filled it. Eskimos have a future need for draft picks, and filled it.

Both teams came out ahead. Good trade.

Barker is going to move someone else. Unless he wants a "kicking department"
Shaw, Medlock, Prefontaine, injured Boreham ! That's a pile of cash to cover your kicking duties.
I'm thinking the other shoe is about to drop.

Yep, unless he's planning to flip another kicker, this move makes absolutely no sense. Of course, if Rita is the man behind the deal, who knows?...

Very interesting. Shows the Argos are "in it" for this year I'd say.

this is good news for the argo's, barker probably wants to save medlock's golden foot for field goals...

and ya Barker might be planning on gettind rid of somone else, Shaw most likely (I don't know if they would trade Boreham while he is injured), is Medlock planning on going back to the NFL?

According to TSN, he is traded to the Argos for Légaré and a player on Argos negotiating list; this makes more sense than Légaré and a 1st round draft choice. To me,it made absolutely no sense to give a 1st round choice for a K/P who will be 37 next December.

If as per is a good trade for both teams; I am sure that the Eskimos want to reduce their "masse salariale" and it is a good beginning.


A 28 year old prospect slow to develop and the neg rights to an import DB for a ratio changer is a good deal for the Argos. It makes them better today. Eskimos free up some cash and get a depth NI.

I don't get it.
The only thing I can think of is Medlock wanting out to pursue again the NFL?
Hence the need to trade for Pre.
If not, it is a bad deal.

Toronto needed a punter with Boreham injured. Toronto wants to use an import elsewhere. Toronto gets punter and kicker in Pre. Pre makes Medlock expendable. Medlock is released. Roster spot is open for another import. Grant Shaw is also a DB that plays special teams - he is a valuable multi-purpose back-up non-import - a keeper for now. Boreham probably goes on 9-game and takes off $ from the cap. Edmonton gets future potential and rids themselves of an aging kicker that will have to be replaced soon anyway as well as freeing up cap space. Edmonton might however be giving up on the season for better things next year.

Medlock was released per the article on Surprising move for the Esks since Prefontainehit some big kicks for them this season, this move seems to suggest they are looking more for the future than the present. Legarre may not be an impact player right now but should help them build up some NI depth on the Dline. Not sure what this means for Boreham in the long run with Prefontaineavailable to do both punting and kicking duties. He might be released once his injury is healed. I think they still have kept shaw on who was kicking FGs earlier this year as a special teamer so he'll be the backup to Prefontaine.