Prefontaine going back to Toronto?

There is enough info to support that Edmonton is looking hard for a NI kicker. I have a feeling Edmonton has a deal in place to send Noel Prefontaine back to the Argos.

What did he do to deserve that?

HfxTC, are you able to show us the info that supports this post?

Yeah, this is kind of out of nowhere... None of DM's comments this off-season suggest he's looking for a new kicker...



1-When DM was asked to pick his 3 top prospects, he named Gore, Reidell and Maver who he had to say "He's pretty Good !"

2- They brought out Justin Palardy to work him out.

The Murray Siding, N.S., native spent last week working out with four CFL clubs — the Toronto Argonauts, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Calgary Stampeders and [b]Edmonton Eskimos [/b]—
3- Eskimos's popped up as one of the teams that have approached the Riders about their picks.

4- Toronto has shown no interest in Maver at least publicly and we know Prefontaine was very unhappy about leaving TO.
So it would not surprise me if the Eskimos trade Prefontaine back to Toronto for a second round pick. There is also that Alberta linebacker Dublanko who they are very hot about. So they will need the picks.

I wouldn't be surprised if BC tries to trade Paul McCallum. Don't know what we'd get for him, but he's expendable.

Thanks HfxTC...but I thought Pre was upset THE WAY he left Toronto?? I thought he had settled into Edmonton nicely. And yes, Dublanko sounds like he could step in next year for sure.

There is no way I believe Pre will return to Toronto, especially the way he left with a bitter taste and the way he was treated.