Prefontain speaks out AGAIN

Prefontain speaks out and rightly so.

There is no sense of loyalty in the Argo front Office. Now we finaly know that yes it is Pinball calling the shots.

The same guy that brought in Ricky Williams under NFL suspension for drug use.

The same guy that brought in a washed up NFLer in David Boston with a pre existing injury.

The same guy that traded Prefontain away for no reason.

The same guy that brought in Kerry Joseph, demoted Bishop without even a competition.

There are no adults in the Argo front office. My respect for Pinball is getting lighter.

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Well, the jokes on the Argos. They let go a premier kicker and brought back a shadow of a formerly great kicker. Vanderjagt is done. He's looked absolutely awful in his return.

So Prefontaine thinks the Argo's should put the teams future on hold while he recovers from his Concussions and his wife has a baby? Every time this guy says something I have less respect for him.

Hey man, please don't dis Pinball, f'n love that guy. He has given his heart and soul to this franchise and he loves the city so much that he is a Canadian citizen now. I think they continually try to get big names into the Toronto market to sell tickets, bottom line: Vanderjadt is a Canadian and is a big name kicker, I guess they gambled and lost.

If people would just go to games and support the team and realize what a great product it is, things would get better. Toronto just thinks it is an all-world city that needs all-world players and the CFL is a total niche sport with true diehards and that's it.

We don't need the hotshot name, just a winning atmosphere. People will always support a winner.

Sometimes, you gotta take a chance. Great people are willing to take chances. 'Lesser' people will be concerned what others will think. Boston has yet to play... you might be surprised.

Is it the fact that Ricky Williams was suspended for drug use that bothers you? Josh Hamilton was a heroin addict, are you going to judge him for that? Or will you be in awe of the recovery?

No reason? Did Pinball tell you that? "Yea, we traded him for no reason." That happens in today's world?

Where did you get that information of "no reason" from?

Winning the MVP, a Grey Cup and carrying an Ottawa Renagades team can do that...

I applaud anybody that quits drinking etc!!!

I am hearing that Argos are working on
bringing Michael Vick to town. I guess you are OK with that.

It obviously did not bother you but the CFL has now made it illegal to bring in a player under suspension.

We traded Pre away because Pinball gets chills up his spine from Vandys NFL success.

Only the drinkers? What about drug addicts? What about other people who have made mistakes and want to do good in the world? They need a chance sometimes.

I haven’t heard anything about the Michael Vick thing. That would be a media nightmare for them of course. Should that factor in their decision?

Now, suppose if he were to do his time. Be a good boy within the system. Shown he has seen errors in his ways and will make the changes in his life. We - as in society - STILL turn our backs on him? Does that make sense? Why not let him rot in the barracks then? Where does the judging start and stop then?

(You got your knickers in a twist over Ricky Williams and smoking pot. You surely would never agree to Michael Vick. So I see it as a futile point to bring up but devil’s advocate is a role I play. Also, in case you think I do it, I do not smoke pot or do any drugs… heck, I barely drink… but I do try to not judge a person. I’ve met billionaires, worked with gang members and drug addicts and everyone in between and frankly, I’ve yet see a difference in any “social class”)

Now, I’d be shocked if Michael Vick played in Toronto. He’ll give it a go in the NFL and then quietly go back to a retired players life - he has too much money.

As for the player under suspension rule that “didn’t bother me”. OF COURSE IT DIDN’T! What the heck do I care!? It WASN’T a rule before. Cripes man! In the end, I am not going to lose sleep if some evil criminal, who smoked pot, plays in the CFL. That being said, it’s good business, with the NFL, that they have that rule. It makes sense and I agree with it.

Lastly, my point is, Pre was traded for some reason. Now does that reason makes sense? I hope it does.

As for Vanderjagt, well, he is the most accurate kicker of all-time…

It appears that you and Noel Prefontaine
think Pinball made these decisions, Blin.

Noel didn't have

Pinball is not part of the football operations side of this team.

The chain of command in football operations stops with
Adam Rita and the master of mayhem, Greg Mohns.

Mohns is a dirtbag.

Whoa, that's two Ti Cat fans confirming that one...

Digging a bit deeper reveals information - like Mohns - that can explain what was once unknown.

I'm unaware of this Mohn's dude... can anyone give a bit of background?

All I can add to this is that there have been major wars regarding player personel between Mohn, Rita and Stubbler. This from an Argo player.

Master of Mayhem...Nice one Ron :slight_smile: