Preferred Food and Drink During Games

More emphasis on drink here, but I would be interested to hear what’s in your bar or refrigerator.

Here Kona golden ale or Strongbow hard cider now when it’s hot.

Vodka or rum cocktails when colder

As the weather cools I step up the food game no doubt but no pork hardly any beef any more.

If only we had donairs in the US, but we do have gyros.

my fridge has pepsi, A&W root beer, Crush Cream Soda, Canada Dry ginger ale, Sprite, Crush Orange, Water, Milk, Apple juice, Deli meats, Cheddar Cheese, Pickles, and other stuff

don’t have a bar.

Most of my preferred game food does not come from fridge. Pizza, Donair, Chili, KFC, take out Tacos, Chinese food, Chips and dip

Belgian beer (Shocktop, Hoegaarden, and/or Belgian Moon), Lay’s potato chips, venison or bison sausages.

Or, to change things up a tad, homemade Chinese food and Tsingtao beer.

C’mon I know many are holding out on this one.

These were some great recommendations. Others?

I know that wine and different types of food are supposed to taste good together but I have found nothing as good as the combination of cold beer and a dry salami. There is an explosion of taste when these two mix… Has to be a good salami, not the cheap stuff they throw on a pizza.

Lobster stuffed with tacos for food.

Fridge has a bottle of Root Beer from 2 Summers ago, and a Yoplait from an ex girlfriend.

I also have an open box of baking soda, so I’m not sure which category that falls into

A beer and fries for me.

I could never understand anybody trying to enhance or combine lobster with ANYTHING other than a cold beer. It’s a sacrilege to dip lobster in butter. Why change the taste of the best food in the world ?

To add some salt to your diet and give it some taste? :smiley:

Woh man we’re here to help. You should throw out that yogurt for starters because it’s spoiled. That soda is flat too. Don’t drink it.

It’s time to change out the baking soda.

Lobster comes from the salty sea and should be boiled in salt water. Butter just destroys the pure taste of lobster. Why not put mustard or ketchup on it ?
Maybe you have never had fresh lobster. It is a sweet delicate meat. Nothing tastes like it…It’s like blueberries. Nothing tastes like blueberries. Maybe we should dip them in mayo ? ;D

Perogies, pizza, and either milk, root beer, or a Jones soda (I’m under 18, so I am not allowed to have alcohol)

Well no CFL tonight how I miss better Thursday nights, and we have what might be a dud if an NFL game in Chicago.

So I was notified this morning I had to work all day instead of off at 1500.

Well, for lunch I treated myself to a cheesesteak, as this is Philadelphia after all, and fries.

For dinner, well there was a large piece of free cherry cheesecake sitting in the refrigerator calling for me all day. That was dinner and it was fantastic.

Sometimes you have to treat yourself. That should do it for at least two weeks.

I hereby declare victory. #Winning

From where?

Pat’s? Geno’s?
Please don’t say Tads

Tony Lukes is the best of the bunch IMHO and my favorite.

Forgot to mention Jarritos Lime. Havent tried their other flavors. My favorite lime drink ever, with Crush and Stewarts close.

as far as Alcohol goes, we have in the fridge Semi sweat white wines, mostly 2’s and 3’s and occasionally 4’s, as well as Kokanee, and sometimes O’keef’s extra old stock malt liqueur beer. I drink and 6 beer a year. Some years maybe as much as 12. Mostly in summer

Not in the fridge but we have our favorite red wines, Italy, Australia, and some from BC.

any of these drinks can show up during game time.

Ah well I don’t work way down there in South Philly, and sure enough there is another joint (jawn as the local vernacular goes) even better than the above but we locals tend to keep those for ourselves ha ha.

You have some great choices there FYB, and oh yeah we have those here locally in stores too.

I generally avoid sugar outside of a rare treat like last evening as noted below and whenever I drink a hard cider like in the summer or when still warm and humid outside like these days in September.

Oh c’mon. Share! Promise I won’t tell!

Well I think he’s off today, but I just met this local Philadelphia legend today. If you like carrot cake too, behold the king:

I established a new tradition for myself during the playoffs last year - popcorn or potato chips with a Slush Puppie.

Hot dogs or cheese dogs (Schneiders Red Hots) with good deli mustard, relish and chopped onions are my favourite game day meal between double headers.