Preemptive Thread Complaining about Grey Cup 2022 not being BC vs WPG

Rather than a potential huge match-up that could reverse the general trend of less for interest in the Grey Cup, we are going to be stuck with a stinker because an under .500 team from the East will be one of the representatives.


It's still early in the season.

It might not be ideal but when you have a East West format this is what you have.

Have to live with it.

The League, players and tv networks have to agree to this along with the CFL changing their constitution to even get to a single division format.


Not if the west wins the crossover.

Are you suggesting that one of them (Lions or Bombers) "tank" their way to a Grey Cup meeting?:sweat_smile::rofl::joy:


C'mon, I'd say there's at least 50-50 odds that the East representative will be a .500 (or better) team.

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Or you could change it.

consider it done

Funny how much better the west is and yet that has never actually happened eh
Besides the cross team (Sask) is pretty bad this year anyways
Lets not even talk about the Elks

Just a sad system in place that creates a silly look for a 9 team league where geography matters.

This system was meant for a league where they played different schedules etc ..... .

Once they saw the problem they decided not to fix it properly but perpetuate a look of 18 game regular season of irrelevance .

Hence the league has become irrelevant .


Okay let the seeding use the home field and bye and who plays who using that seeding and then see .

Unless there is fear of not being able to compete .

If that's the case then it's a fraud .

Serious Q for every person whining about the 5-4 division split

Name ANY league that has EVER had 9 teams in a single division?

The most teams I can think of is the NHL at 8 each
Not even MLB went to 9 because doing so eliminates the worst team far too early in the season


That's for the commissioner and the owners to make the change if there's more money offered by TSN or another network.

You're right in status quo not working out at the moment.

Take the potential cross this year

Sask is playing .500 football and D is really poor (look at those points against)
Sadly they have also played the east far more times than any other western team (6 games vs east, 2 games vs west; and they have a 4-4 record to show for it)
If you are correct this early in season their W-L is vastly inflated as instead of playing teams like Winnipeg, Calgary, or BC, they have been playing (poorly) teams like Ottawa, Montreal, and Hamilton

In the real life scenario, should they get a cross, Toronto has fielded a much better team, will get home field, and should easily win that match

Cross only chance is a prayer and an upset

But out of our 9 team league, so far only 4 of them (3 west, 1 east) have looked good this season

Want to get rid of pointless teams making playoffs?
Eliminate the first round
2 plays at 1
Screw 3rd place team (as it stands we have 6 of 9 making playoffs; eliminate the worst and we get 4 of 9 making playoffs)

Quarter Finals , Semis and Final Grey Cup .

I don't see with current air travel today why number 3 seed plays home to 6 and 4 seed plays home to 5th .

1 and 2 await the winners .

With only 9 teams in the league make the climb as legit as possible .

1st and 2nd get byes and home field in the semis it makes the regular season value the highest .

So no more we fell into it with help and managed a lucky win in the Grey CUP .

Toronto's last cup win had the 4th seed travel to the 6th seed and then the 5th seed to try to win a berth .

That is no way to determine a league champion in the world of sports entertainment options where the 2nd , 3rd , 4th seed are not given proper byes and seeding in a very small league's playoff system .

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Again, no one is whining. You don’t seem to appreciate that it’s just downright unfair and biased in favour of the East. Accusing others of whining doesn’t address that. I am still waiting to hear why it will be fair this year and many other years for the East division winner to receive a first round bye when they won’t have earned it and will likely have a far worse record than three Western teams, in spite of having a far easier schedule stacked with East weak sisters.

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Agreed. The words “competitive integrity” do not apply to the CFL playoff format. The words “fortunate geography” would be more appropriate.


Problem with your scenario; 2 of those 3 west teams WILL have home playoff dates
The only issue is whether TO has a better team than the 3rd place West team (assuming it is Calgary, then the answer is yes)

Winnipeg has been better for quite some time
BC is riding a very hot QB (I mean cmon last season they were nowhere near playoffs)

Sask has actually fallen apart (started last season strong, then died... continued that dying into this season.... they are in 4th and are way weaker than Argos are)

Well, the Elks do have victories over the second and third teams in the East. Why not let wins and losses determine the seeding?

As things stand now, the top 3 seeds would be in the West bracket and the 4-6 seeds would be in the East bracket. Is that really the way we want the playoffs to be organized?

I think the single division is the wrong wording .

No divisions is the proper wording .


There is no way the 4th place Riders finish higher than the 2nd (I still say Hamilton) in the East
You must be joking if you think Elks will finish higher than 2nd team in East