How was the game last weekend? 7 pages of good old BIAST Ticat fan predictions! God i love TiCat fans! Since this website was here a few years ago I think the Cats may have beat the Argos like 2 maybe 3 times in season games since then? EVERY single game ticat fans would vote for a Ticat win, biast? Cant face reality? I love it.

I am sure all you Argo fans in T.O. say Hamilton is going to Win on your so called site.
This is our site and if we want to say Hamilton will win. So be it. We have pride in Hamilton.
There was a time when your team was down and out. I believe it was over 30 years. There will come a time when you have to rebuild without buying a Grey Cup. [Ricky Williams] So get real. WE WILL BE WINNERS AGAIN SOON. TAKE THAT TO YOUR BANK. GO CATS GO, OSKI WEE WEE, WE LOVE OUR CATS OUR TIGER CATS AND ARGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS s+++. pat_cat

Were you thrown off the Argo chat forum for being illiterate?

Big ast Ti-Cat fans eh?

We'll beat you Labour day for sure.

What Patcat said :wink:

8) I will make an non- "BIAST" opinion here and say he is probably a Leaf fan also !!! None of them can spell either !!!! :lol: :lol:

We'll see on Labourday...

Moron!!! you would have been shut out two weeks ago if you didnt pick off a pass from a second stringer in the last minute......go back to your site......moron