Hi there. Like Calgary Stampeders over Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the Grey Cup. Tate and that D has Calgary poised and if Hamilton's D improves just a little, they could be dangerous. They do have Burriss on board. B.C. is number 2 in my power rankings and like the Alouettes, but Calvillo is a bit older and the D is okay, not great. Toronto should be there, but don't think Ray is an elite QB and thought their D stepped up and played beyond their capabilities in last year's playoffs. See the Roughriders, Eskimos and Blue Bombers as still buildiing a program. My two cents. Take care. Thanks.

...can't disagree with anything here :smiley: :twisted:

I too think Calgary will win the Grey Cup, they’re due. Not sure over who though, the east is so unpredictable.

...if there is any team 'due' it has to be the bombers...'worthy' is a whole 'nother adjective...there's a couple of teams that are worthy...

edmonton is going to suprise many

...especially cflisthebest :smiley: