I think we're due, overdue actually. We can't just keep letting these guys beat up on us. I think with both teams tied they're going to let it all hang out.

My prediction, a close game with the Cats finally prevailing.

Ticats 24
BB 21

Bombers 44-39

Ticats 37

Bombers 24

That's a pretty low score for these two defences. . . mind you if it rains on Saturday like it's supposed to, then maybe.

I'd tend to agree with that one (subject to the weather).

Tiger-Cats 29
Blue Bombers 15

Winnipeg - 23
Hamo;tom - 29

I'm pretty confident it will be a low scoring game. 17-14

Why so Jordan?

Hamilton's defence has been mediocre at best this year, and will be missing JJ, McElveen, a few others. Winnipeg's D isn't much better. . . trying out their 5th person at SAM this year, moving a DT to end for the first time, and platooning him with a raw rookie. . .

The only prediction I could come up with was…it will be ugly. I really don’t like our chances, especially when you look at the key players we won’t have on the field. Emotion is one thing…but based on what I’ve seen so far this season…the Ticats have choked in games where they should have had a win…games that meant something. Games where emotion should have contributed to a win. Instead…they laid eggs.

Sorry. I hope and pray that I’m wrong.

Wallace: I think you got it right. :cry:

The miserable weather should be a factor. I like Torrey Davis and Terrance Moore in the middle, they played a big part in shutting down Cornish last week (In the run game, anyway) and I think we'll key on Simpson in a similar way, forcing Buck to beat us through the air. As for our offense, they've been handled pretty well by Winnipeg's D' this year, so I'll expect that trend to continue.

30 - 26 Hamilton

26 - 23 Saskatchewan

Then it's off to Rogers Centre next Thursday with 2nd place on the line!

Hamilton 21

Winnipeg 18

(In Overtime)

Go cats go! 36 Tigers
Winter peg. 10

Tid bit: boys remember the posters 2004, 2005 of Ivor Wynne that we received for being season ticket holders they make a great souvenir got them plaque mounted look great on the wall!

The Stupor Bowl…

My prediction is two sad sack franchises will play 2nd fiddle to the real story tomorrow…

This Winnipeg team has a six game wining streak against this Ticat team. And last week, the Bombers demonstrated that they could so well on offence. So I don't like to say this, but the chances of this Ticat team getting a win in that last regular season game at IWS may not be so good.

I get the impression that this being the last regular season game at IWS means more to many fans that it does to most of the players as well.

But this Ticat team did prove me wrong last week, as I sure didn't expect them to come as close as they did to defeating a good Calgary team in its house. (And the Stamps sure looked good from what I saw from them against BC tonight.) This Ticat team hasn't been as easy to beat in its own house this year (with two exceptions) and hopefully, in the one game Winnipeg plays there, the Ticats will get that win that they need.

Well, at least I got the Winnipeg part correct! (Still drying off - So long Ivor Wynne Stadium: you were majectic to the end.)

Not bad... :stuck_out_tongue:

mikemwrote Hamilton 28 Winnipeg 18 Williams will tie the all time Ticat TD record
Good call you got it right on!!