now that our team is finally going in the right direction what would our record be at the begining of the season and the end of the season?

i say were going on a 5 game win streak and at the end of the season weill go 13-5

.......I say you should lay off the Count Chocula a bit, hit your math books really hard for semester finals and leave the predicting stuff up to the experts.......

11 and 7

we dont have exams this year so i can do whatever i want

.....sounds like you got told, Red.....


cant wait to see barrin gavin and canada on defence weill prbly be 3rd in least amount of yard lost

...well..let's put it this's going to be a rough-ride for any back coming up the 'gut' on these guys...Gavin Walls says he's going to show the nfl ...what they missed out on...playing like a man possessed...ooooo I can't wait for the hitting to begin...of course in a 'christian like manner'.... :wink:

yha w/e u say 3 guys doesnt make a good Defence espcially witht the horrible secondary you got

horrible last season......we will have to see what this season is like wont we......adding Malbrough & Hall, Evans & Dickerson are solid.....wont be the same bunch as last season raw.

i think this year the west is going to be the closest playoff run ever not like the east wen its pretty much TO and MONT and thats it

and IF..we sign Karikari...I'll stack that defense up against yours anyday...raw icky ray... :stuck_out_tongue:

pap hes jsut mad cuz were going 2 beat him this year


…I know…he’ll be singing a different tune in June…raw icky ray figures that we’ll be the same team as last year…with a couple of tune-ups…man is he in for a big surprise…this team has changed from top to bottom…and in that mix is a very experienced coaching staff…the best running back in the league…the best receiver …and now the best linebacker in the league… add AJ3…and the re-signing of all-star Walls…we’re ready… 8)

lets hope for a dynasty!

bombers 12-6

Too right!

more help is still needed if we are going to take a run at a playoff spot, we need some news that there is more to come, cmon Taman get off your wallet, your job depends on it.......

And that's probably why he's out at NFL scouting for possible players. At least this time around he's actually doing something.