Hello all , how's everyone feeling going into tomorrow's game? I can't help but feel a little nervous , with pretty much the entire media picking the Lions to win. I believe we are the better team and should get it done , however , this is the CFL and it's why we love this game...any team can beat any team on any given day ( except the Riders :wink: ) Both defences are great , but in the end , I think our ability to move the ball on offence a little better will be the difference. For you superstitious types , do not read any further. Lions 24 Bombers 16

I'm with you jmc24. When it gets to down to stats and calibre of player the Lions are the stronger and better team in my opinion. The Lions are favored to win and should win but they will not take Winnipeg lightly.

I too am a little nervous watching this game but then I had similar feelings before the Lions squared off against Edmonton and look what happened there.

I don't know if it so much that this is the CFL where anything happen. I think in any sport players can be off their game. They can be very evenly matched but if one team is a bit off the other team prevails. Key injuries during the game itself can also play huge. Dumb penalties can make or break the team's spirit.

Psychology will play huge in this. The players will be nervous and they will be super hyped up. If either team gets an early lead of of 10-14 points it will be a lot more pressure on the opposition. If penalty flags start flying around then players will start backing off and become fearful of getting more penalties. This will create opportunities. If either Pierce or Lulay go down to injury it will significantly change the complexion of the game. The Lions are very used to Lulay's style. The Bombers are used to Pierce's style of play. Both of these guys have got great composure and great arms. Both are real scramblers and are not afraid to sacrifice themselves. Between the two of them I think Lulay is the more resilient. Buck is injury prone but this will never stop him from going flat out. I also think there are some old injuries that may come to the surface for Buck.

I'm looking for the Bombers' D to go after Lulay and of course our D will be doing the same with Pierce. The Lions' O line was dismal at the start of the season and very porous. The guys have improved a great deal but will it be enough against a team that leads the field in QB sacks?

This could be a very low scoring affair or both teams could blow the thing wide open. If the Lions play like they did against Edmonton then the Bombers will have their work cut out for them and I believe the Lions will prevail.

This is Lulay's first season as a starter. He has played unbelievably well. He has a chance to put a Grey Cup ring on his finger. He will not disappoint the crowd if he can stay healthy. A Grey Cup ring will be a fitting ending to a fabulous season for Travis Lulay et al.

Buck Pierce, though injury prone [which is why the Lions traded him] still has everything it takes to lead the Bombers to a Grey Cup victory. Can he avoid getting injured for the entire game? That's the question.

Should the Lions win the Grey Cup? Yes! They have the players to do it. This is not a weak 3rd place team that earned its way t o the GC by a fluke. The team deserves to be playing in B.C. Place tomorrow afternoon.

Will the Lions win the Grey Cup? I'm betting they will!! :thup: