Okay so I say Cats beat Winnipeg by 3.What say ye? :smiley:

No Winnipeg 28 Hamilton 24 in OT.

I love this prediction.
Because it's impossible to win by 4 in overtime.

(Actually it's not 100% impossible, but it would require a turnover where the defensive player who ends up with the ball goes from the field of play back into his own end zone and gives up a safety to the offence. So they'd need to crank up the improbability drive pretty close to infinity for that one to happen.)

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :oops: :lol:

Okay it was type-0 I Ment 27-24 in OT..

If they Cats Run the Table I will not post Anything bad about the Cats for entire 2012 Season
I will Eat Crow and Say I am sorry to Coaching staff and Football Opps
I will make a Post Saying I am sorry and you all GLOAT AWAY in it.
I have shut up and take it.. no Replys

How that for putting my money where my Mouth is ..

Hmmmm... I just realized another way there could be a 4 point OT game that's slightly less impossible, but still highly unlikely.
Team on offence first scores a TD, but the 2 point convert is fumbled/intercepted and returned for 2 points the other way.
Then the 2nd team fails to score on their possession. First team wins the OT 6-2.

Spell this scenario out for me a little better, please. I still don't see how it could happen: For team A to beat team B by four points, either team A has to score two safeties in one mini-game (impossible since team A can only score a safety when they are the defense) or team A has to score an unconverted touchdown and team B has to score a safety (impossible since either can occur only when team A is on offense, and would end that half of the mini-game). Is there another scenario I've overlooked? [edit: JFL has mentioned the "defense returns the two-point convert attempt the opposite way" scenario, but I'm still curious if there's a scenario with the safety]

On a somewhat related note, do they bother having the offense do the convert if they score a winning touchdown in the second half of a mini-game, or just end the game immediately? If they end the game without the convert attempt, it would make a 4 point OT final difference impossible even before they rule change made the 2-point conversion attempt mandatory.

Good call re: defense scoring an a turnover on the 2-point convert attempt. But back to your earlier scenario, can you please spell that one out for me? I still don't see it...

First possession, defence intercepts a pass at say, their own 3 yard line. The player then trying to avoid tackles and return the ball for a TD the other way, inadvertantly runs back into his own end zone and is tackled. Unless the rules are different in overtime, that's a safety for the team that was on offence.
Then the other team gets their possession, down by 2, and they score a touchdown. They win the OT portion of the game 6-2.

Excellent. Now I'll be able to sleep tonight. :smiley:

And no, the team winning on a TD in the "bottom of the OT Period" doesn't try the convert.

Tiger-Cats 33
Blue Bombers 19

Our Offence is gonna roll against these guys.
Our Defence will shine.
We are going to beat them in all aspects of the game.
This is going to be a statement game for us to go to Vancouver for the Grey Cup Championship.
I have a good feeling about this one!

Ti-Cats 28
Bummers 3

TiCats - 81 (FG, 11 TD's + 2 point convert last play of the game to rub it in)
BB - minus 20 (for playing so poorly)

Here is something I haven't been brave enough to do for years.

Hamilton 31
Winnipeg 17

I believe the defense will pick up a notch from last week and I think I saw something in Glenn's eyes I haven't seen before PROFESSIONALISM. Did not let things get him down, on himself or the players. Damn I have been waiting to see that for a long time. He showed a lot of poise and control. QP showed that he is ready for this league finally, last but not least IMHO probably the most dangerous receiving core; dare I say in the league. Holy crap, must be the pain killers I am on. No matter what the weather or the wind a good team will win and I think these guys can do it!

I fear the Bombers will prevail:

  1. their defence is stronger than Montreal's
  2. they have all starters on deck
  3. teams coming off an emotional win (like the Cats did last week) usually play flat the following game
  4. the game is in a sold-out Swaggerville

Could be wrong (I admit I was last week) but I see a score of something like Winnipeg 24, Hamilton 18

One thing in the Cats favour, however, is psychological (law of averages): can the Bombers beat the same team for the fourth time in the same season?? It's gotta be playing somewhere in their minds.

Go Cats Go!

It will be too cold in winterpeg for bummers' special events to have a fishing boat in the end zone, so I predict our guys will be jumping on the back of snowmachines after a game winning pick-six.

TiCats 26
Staggerville 22

When you see the weather in Winterpeg you will know why they call them the Blue Bummers. Long johns are their provincial flag. :roll: :oops:

The cold will dampen the aerial displays, so defences will be the heart of the game as they prep for running attacks. Our running game should be better than theirs, but their defence has the edge over the Ticats's D. A great match-up, really. The difference, then, will be special teams and turnovers. Our punt returners will need a great game to give the O-line and running backs a short field. If the wind is up, then neither team will try many field goals. So ... if we get the edge on turnovers ...

Hamilton 18, Winnipeg 17