Okay so I say Hamilton will find a way to score and shut down Buck Pierce and I say Hamilton wins by 3. I also say Wally and the Lions will find a way to dismantle Edmontons offence and defence,Wally is a very smart dude so I say Lions by 3.
What say ye?What is your prediction? :smiley:

BC over Edmonton
Winnipeg over Hamilton

BC over Winnipeg

Hamilton vs Winnipeg, Ti-Cats are on a roll, Bombers have to many injuries can't win on heart alone.

Edmonton vs B.C., team that scores first wins. Eskimo's need to spend a lot of time in Lulays face. I expect a defensive battle and each teams ability to protect their quarterback to be key. Another disapointment for Vancouver fans, no need to have riot squad ready, football fans are civilized.

I predict, OnKnight predicts a Cat loss

Hamilton over Winnipig

BC over Edmonton

Hamilton BC - Great Grey Cup game!

If quarterback protection is key to victory, then BC should win. BC is #1 in fewest sacks allowed and #2 in QB sacks. Edmonton has weaker offensive and defensive lines. If game is defensive battle, the better defense (BC) should win.

I predict it’s going to be a long week of Hamilton and Winnipeg fans talking trash. :wink:

No surprise but I disagree with your assessment. B.C. has gone the entire season relatively injury free. Comparisons are dificult due to Edmonton spending the middle of the season with a large number of players injured. Head to head comparisons are difficult because of this. The only game between the two with both teams healthy was the first meeting that Edmonton won handily. I disagree that B.C. has a better defense, they allowed just 16 less points than the Eskimo's and again taking into account the long stretch where Edmonton had so many players injured, I think Edmonton matches up very well defensively. B.C. look less that spectacular in the 3 of 4 of their final games and indeed were lucky to beat Calgary and both teams looked mediocre in the last head to head match up.

B.C. will be facing a healthy Edmonton team for the first time since early in the season. Throw the previous 18 games out the window. Should be fun to watch.

I predict Glenn will throw 3 picks, at least one of which will be a pick 6. After each one he will exaggerate an injury as if to say "I was hurt, that's why I suck!" After the 3rd one he will be pulled. There will be no more posts from TigerCat trolls in the forums for a few months.
I have seen it, and so it shall be. :cowboy:

I beleive the fans of the losing teams will bitch about the refs and cry conspiracy, no matter how well reffed the game may be, specially if ticats lose.

I believe Hamilton will become the first team in CFL history to score in the triple digits. Not saying if that number will begin with a 1 or a 2, it's too close to call...


Time to get out the crystal ball.

Hamilton 28 - Winnipeg 24

Edmonton 33 - B.C. 17 - Eskimos run opening kickoff back for a touchdown. Lulay chokes big time, throws 3 interceptions and doesn't finish. Aaron Hunt cries that the Eskimos called him names during the game. Arland Bruce blames everybody but himself for the loss. Paul McCallum miss 3 consecutive field goals blames the wind and has his lawn furtilized with rotting salmon. 12 B.C fans stage a riot but nobody notices. Roberto Luongo jumps in front of a train but it goes between his legs. Aaron Hunt claims that the Eskimos were pointing fingers at him. Wally Buono cooks spaghetti for his pre-game meal. Okay, I made up most of this but still stand by the score and the Lulay part. The rest might not happen. Where are they gonna find rotting salmon at this time of year?

You took the words right out of my mouth, Grey Cup BC vs Hamilton

:lol: That'd certainly top last weekend's games.

I think BC is going to thump the Esks, even though the Esks are my backup team.

BC 44 - Edm 26

Hamilton vs Winnipeg, too close to call. It could go either way, I'm not going to jinx the Cat's chances by making a prediction.

I believe the Lions are thinking that too. Should be fun moving into their dressing room.

During the pre season, I predicted that Hamilton vs BC in the grey cup with BC winning. I am still sticking to that story. The thing I got wrong was that BC would UPSET the riders to get there…

Oh, yeah predictions...

Well since it worked so well last week, why break the magic?

Using the McMaster algorithm (double Mac's score, halve their opponents score), the score will be...

Hamilton 90
Winnipeg 10.5...


You forgot a 3 , but nice try !