I predict Kevin Glenn gets hurt in preseason and kittycats win only 2 games (here we go again) LOL, Bombers finish first.

I predict Kevin Glenn gets hurt in preseason and kittycats win only 2 games (here we go again) LOL, Bombers finish first play of the year losing 12 yards and there starting Q.B. for the year. Hamilton wins 2 games and still finishes ahead of the Bombers.

Fixed it for ya. :smiley:

Lapo suddenly is called Crappo after an 0 and 5 start.

Because of the Riders Appreciation of the Bombers taking their bland coaching staff off their hands, they repay the Bombers by shutting it down after scoring their 70th point against the Bombers in the Banjo Bowl.

My prediction:

Bombers sweep hopeless Ti-Cats because Kevin Glenn is due for is less than average season, Porter then takes over and craps the bed ONCE AGAIN then replaced by Tafralis and he stinks out the joint as well. Ti-Cats find them selves competing with The Argo's for last place. Buck Pierce will average 300+ yards passing per game against the Cats because every team has already exposed Marshalls defensive schemes last year, Buck finishes the season with the sweep over Glenn/Porter and the Cats with 9 or 10 TDS in 3 games and maybe 1-2 INTS.

Buck stays healthy and pretty much plays the whole season and finish with over 4000 passing, 26 TDS and 11 INTS --- Cat fans boo Glenn outta Hamilton and kick themselves in the a$$ for not pushing harder to sign Buck, the better QB.

Bombers will sweep the Argos as well
Bombers will split the home and home with Saskatchewan
Bombers will play great against MTL and earn a split at least

Als finish 1ST in the East barely ahead 0f 2ND place Bombers, Ti-Cats finish in third barely ahead of the Argos, Ti-Cats average a measly 19,000 - 21,000 attendance per game

Als - 12-6
Bombers - 11-7
Cats - 6-12 (miss playoffs due to the crossover)
Argos - 4-14

LOL, kittycat trolls are back, thought they fell asleep after such a boring offseason. I knew my comment would wake them up, LOL again.

I forgot to mention that it will be another 10 years until the Cats even have a sniff at the playoffs and clean house multiple times once again with no positive results and the CFL seriously considers moving the Cats to another city out East after the Cats only manage around 15,000 fans a game during another horrific 10 year losing span!!!

Argos have a rough year.

the argos certainly will have a rough year but will be pressed into duty when the chicago bears all come down with sars, while in toronto getting ready to play the bills, the bears will sign the whole argo team for 1 game and the chicago argobears will defeat the buffalo bills 45-20 infront of 12 people att rogers centre.

Montreal wont be as good as they were last year(calvillo will get hurt)

Sask wont be as good as they were last year
(Durant will miss anywhere from 4-6 weeks of action)

ticats will finish 8-10.
argos will finish 1-17 (that 1 win over the ticats later in the year in an important game (lets call it ))
the new stadium will look and be exactly like the one they had at the press conference aka the one at
and 1 more thing

the jets will return to winnipeg

and a few of these predictions will be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

....I'm going to reserve my predicts until after tc and a couple of pre-season tilts.....With what were showing on paper as of looks promising....Like other years, some players being brought in ,pan-out...others are projects and land on the pr or get released....When i get a handle on our starting roster ...i'll share my thoughts ....until then ....too many ?????????

I will say that Mack is bringing in some awesome players with potential....and if half of these guys work-out that spells trouble for our eastern bretheren.... :wink:

I have to agree with papa. Too soon for predictions except for one - we'll be better than last season.

blue&goldforever, the Ticats are only going to get better. Lack of quality players, and continuity among players, coaches and management is no longer an issue. It was in the past.

As much as you hate the Ticats, they will not be as easy to beat as you think.

cats look like they will be good this year, i hope they are, i also hope the bombers can start to gel early on...

we play the cats a lot, hopefully both teams are competitive, would make for a great series/rivalry

best of luck

:thup: :thup: :thup:

2010 is going to be a bad season for CFL QB`s, some from injury and some from poor play.

KC Printers will have a career camp and pre season only to be injured in the first game of the season. Unfortunately it will be a season ending pinky finger injury. JJ will lead Lions until shoulder injury takes over, lulu will run the ball but not be able to throw a completion, Lions will bring in another veteran out of retirement

None of Argos QB`s will be any good, other than the young Queens QB. Argos will go with him on a rebuilding mission.

Buck Pierce will not be injured all season as Bombers new QB, but he will not be able to deliver the goods outside of BC, Jyles, demichele et al, all total busts. Bombers will make a mid season call to Joseph to try and save the day. Doug Flutie`s name will come up.

Durant will have a terrible season, he will be booed off the field numerous times, Jyles will wish he stayed in Sask.

Ticats and Eskimos will meet in the Grey Cup, Ticats will win it 47 - 31

I don't hate the Cats per say, but you will be in for a surprise when they struggle with Glenn and Porter just wait and see. Also i see no improvement from last years roster, Mann and Poole are the only new player's that may make an impact, after that it's the same old crap team. Glenn and Porter will struggle all season and again you'll see. Marshall's defense allows to many YAC with his zone scheme, which he refuses to abandon because he is too stubborn and thinks he know it all, too predictable, just wait and see The Cats are not going to be better than last season 9-9 record, we will expose and destroy Marshalls defense and i'll say it again Glenn will have an off year and Porter won't fair any better!!

totally agree here Papa

Cats will be good B&G... It will be an interesting battle between them and the bombers this year...

I already agreed with Papa that our roster is really starting tolook quite promising, and I wont make any predictions untill TC, but I will say we will be a lot better this year, and so will the Cats...

Cats will have a decent Vetren Defence, good QBing and pretty good recievers and run game... could be as high as 11-7 IMO

I have to disagree once again, they may be an alright team but will be hard pressed to improve on last years record for all the reasons that i have already stated, they will not even come close to pushing the ALS and they better worry about The Bombers to make a statement and finish with a better record. Again no REALLY BIG improvements on Hamilton over last years club that went 9-9, Glenn will crap the bed just like he did here he has a good season (like 07 with us) and follows it with a horrible season (like 08 when he bombed) that is what Glenn IS KNOWN FOR BEING A VERY INCONSISTANT QB YEAR AFTER YEAR.

some interesting points.. but to be fair, even glenns "off years" have still been pretty productive. 9-9 type years, with a solid team around him and a system that seems to work for him i think hes capable of pulling an 11-7 season if he stays healthy...

with the addition of pierce the bombers are definately a threat in the east... but as of right now we have a ton of new players, new coaching, new schemes, new qb etc etc,,,, where as hamilton had a decent year with a good mix of vets and youngins... and that team is almost entirely intact.. infact i think they made a few improvements

so until we see how all our prospects pan out, and how the new team gels, i dont think we can put ourselves into the same class as the tabbies just yet... although the potential is def there for the blue, and im really liking how things are coming together, come seasons end we could be a big surprise...