Any predictions for the Battle of Alberta? I think it will be close and with the Stamps surging the way they have been the Eskimos will have to be at the top of their game just to keep it close. We have a chance, but let’s face it the Stamps are the hottest team in the league right now.

That is not diminish at all what BC has done, but in the last 3 weeks the Stamps have turned it up sufficiently to call them the hottest team in the league right now.


the stamps are the hottest team in the league? do u figure that?!?!

they havent put back-to-back wins together this year.
they're 4-5

i do think they're gonna win this weekend, but dont call them the hottest team...that title can't go to anyone other than BC.

You're right Supertoe. It will be close. Calgary always rises to the occassion and I predicted a split between the two of them in the home and home series. Only because Edmonton seldom loses at home, I went with Calgary this week in Big Dave's pool and Edmonton next week.

If R&W could guarantee me tickets, I'd stowaway on the next CP rail freight train heading East. Sounds like a great atmosphere.


Eskimos by 1, it might even end in a tie.

super, you sure do seem to have a hard-on for the stamps lately. i think this is three separate threads now praising either burris, copeland, or something to do with the stamps. the hottest team in the cfl? for frick's sake, they freaking LOST last week, didn't they?!?

now, let's be honest here, for once and for all. are you a closet stamps fan? or are you just giving them a false sense of hope and security before the Mighty Eskimos hand the boys from cowtown two consecutive crushing defeats? (if that's what you're up to, then keep it up, you sneaky devil you)

we all know burris is hit and miss, and he hasn't thrown an INT in two games...which means he's due to throw up some nice ducks for Malcolm, Davis, and Co. to pick off. The stamps injury-riddled secondary (although i believe they get some guys back this week) should be ripe for Ricky's picking. If we can limit Joffrey Reynolds to minimal gains as we did to Robert Edwards, I'm very confident our number 1 ranked D can stop smilin' Hank.

nonetheless, i'm looking forward to an intense battle on Labour Day, and picking the Eskimos to win by 10.

Dudes... it's called losing a bet. Remember me cheering for the Argos last week? Same thing here. Supertoe lost a bet and must now cheer for the Stamps during the Labour Day weekend... lol... he must be sick to his stomach! Greatest weekend of football of the summer and he can't cheer for his team.

Hang on Supertoe. Hey, at least you'll get to cheer when Copeland dances in the endzone, for once...

........the bet was 'leading up to' the game make super actually cheer for my club DURING the game is grounds for Cruel and Unusal Punishment.......

Stamps by a touchdown but it will be a close one, unlike the Cats-Argos clash where the Cats will destroy the Argos no problem.

Earl, are you still living in 1998? The Cats destroyed a crappy Winnipeg Secondary, and still almost lost the game. The Argos Offense played horrible against Edmonton and Calgary, and still won the game. Allen could have a field day against the Ti-cats D. And McManus better get rid of that ball, because the Argos rush will be coming. If the Cats win, it won't be a destruction.

hamilton picked apart the wpg secondary lst week, the team that every one says has one of the best secondarys. its gonna be a high scoring game with lots of passing. argos will win though.

but back to the real story, cgy vs edm. calgary will win, not because im a stampfan, but because look at both teams last few games. edmonton has struggled as of late, and calgary is starting to pick it up. this is gonna be an intense game.

Argos will win, just because they have Hamilton's number lately.

I say Esks will win by 11. Sure Stamps have had some good games lately, but they've lost to the Argos and Lions like the Esks have, and have looked slightly less impressive doing so.

They both beat Montreal that's all I care about.