Make your predictions for what you think will happen on the field today!

Joseph will have an average day rushing, mostly small stuff, but 1-2 good ones, including a TD He will also fumble the ball on one of his rushes, and the Bombers will recover.

The Bomber D will have a couple great chances to pick off a Joseph pass, but will drop it.

Dinwiddie will throw one pick, but a TD also (to Edwards). There will be a couple long ones that catch the Riders blitzing, but he will be sacked 4 times.

Roberts will crack 100 yards rushing, and 1 TD.

Westwood goes 2-3, missing a 45 yarder.

Final score: 20-16 Bombers :rockin:

I'd say that qualifies as a fairly long limb. We will see won't we?


37-23 Riders, KJ 145 yards rushing, 2 TDs. DJ Flick = 89 yards reiving, 1 TD. Wes Cstes=72 yards rushing, 30 receiving, 1 TD. Congi 3 FGs.

Sir Charles 112 rushing because he is gonna be getting the ball a lot...
RIDERS IN 07!!!!

jman's so pumped, he can't even type straight...attaboy, j...:wink:

That would be one heck of a performance by Joseph, MVP numbers for sure. But I really don't see him running for that many yards. I call in the 60-70 range.

:lol: :lol:

I predict a great game between two of the best offences in the league. I also predict that KJ rushes for at least one TD. Here's hoping it's the game winner! :smiley:

I think it's going to be a defensive battle today....

I predict tha Edmonton will be out of the playoffs! That Lions players will still wonder why if they are so great they are not in the GC. Calgary fans will finally start to realize that they have a sub .500 team and Danny Mac will have a good time....

I disagree... KJ is going to be amazing. And the thing is, everybody knows he can do it. I also think Charles Roberts is going to get the ball a lot...

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....seems someone didn't get enough home schooling....

Printers will prove to be a dud next yr.

I predict we're in for a good finish here

Well, it looks like you were right. But defences did an excellent job. A hell of a lot better than the offences. :lol:

Well, that was about the only thing that I was right about. I'm pretty disappointed right now, but Saskatchewan deserved the win, the D really brought it in the second half. I just don't understand why The Bombers abandoned Roberts in the 3rd and most of the 4th....why didn't Dinwiddie just run for the first down? SO many chances lost. But I guess in the end we had a close game down to the finish, and that's all one could ask for.

Congrats Rider fans, enjoy your win.

Blue, if you're referring to the play I think you are, it definitely looked like Dinwiddie had a clear lane to get the first down.

ya the last play where he threw the INT. Not only that but he did under throw the ball as well.