Predictions vs. BC

I know its a week before the game, but im excited. What do you think the final score will be?

I'm predicting 26 to 24 for Edmonton, as Fleming kicks the final field goal to win the game.

Esks in a blow-out.

Unreal sure has some deep down issues about BC.....Oh Well.

This should be a preview of the Western Final. (Sorry Calgary) I expect it to be an offensive show down. Hervey Vs Simon; Tucker Vs Clermont. Warren, Vs Davis. It should be close, and Edmonton should win it by a field goal. Maybe overtime?

I think I’ll go against the flow here say I think the Lions will win this one . Sportsmen you noticed how bitter that unreal guy is too did ya? Do you think it could be left over from last years west final loss by his team as well as that loss they suffered at the end of the regular seson at the hands of the Lions ? If his riders do some more losing to BC this year can you imagine the sour grapes next year? And I think BC will accomodate him on that in 2 weeks.

yes I think I heard him mumble something about a timekeeper.

He's one to talk about time keepers...Didn't they fire the time keeper in Regina a few years ago because HE cheated? Gee Timekeepers are people too, they can fall asleep anytime as well!

I think our "snoozing" Eskimo recievers will awaken just in time for the most important 5 games of the season. With T-Roy vastly improving our ground game, I really think were now the team to beat. I would love to see the Riders do the crossover and win the East. An Edmonton/Saskatchewan Grey Cup would be spectacular! Not to mention dirt cheap tickets in Hongcouver.

My first prediction was sorta correct, i got the no time remaining, game winning fleming field goal right! :slight_smile:

Esks win!!! All that matters in the end. Sorry Lions you had your chance last year and blew it vs Toronto, and the EE are back on top now!

great game eskies