Predictions: Tiger-Cats vs. Eskimos

Close one ! 8)

Tiger-Cats 34

Eskimos 31

Sigh.......the prediction for this game I say is; Esks or Ti-Cats win 27-23 8)

A close barnburner. Ticats 36-31.

Eskimos - 28

TiCats - 23

Tiger-Cats 38
Eskimos 24

Ti-Cats 31
Eskimos 12

Cats: 32
Esks: 24

After what I saw last week, I don't feel good about this week. I really can't see us winning tomorrow. If Shivers ends up playing LB, Ricky Ray will have a field day. Our secondary was a problem last year and it seems to be worse this year. Regretfully, I say Edmonton 35 Hamilton 16.

33-17 Cats...oski wee wee

Just noticed BC and Edmonton have allowed the least amount of points. I still tjhink our offence can be productive against them at home.

Tiger-Cats 34
Eskimos 24

Cats 24 Edmonton 21 In OT.

Medlock from 53 yards to win.

Cats 37

Esks 31

Let me think, which team is going to show up for the Cats, the one that can and wants to play, or the one that wants to mail in the game. Since it is home game I am going with:

Cats 31 Eskies 17

Al Davis's motto is appropriate today..."Just Win Baby!" :thup:

Eskies 19 - Cats 21 Cats with 6 FG's, 1 safety and 1 single :lol:

Ticats are smarting from the whooping last week.
Cats 33 Eskies 25

I think I was too optimistic!

Sadly only the Eskies showed up to play>

Looks like the MAIL is now in. :frowning:

Apart from the garbage-time TD drive, that’s a pretty impressive call!