Predictions This Season

With a whole lot of signing taken place already I think we can start picking teams now. Here are my predictions this season.




I agree with HLCNT3 picks if all 9 teams play this season. if only 8 teams play this season. I predict:

*1. Calgary
*2. Edmonton (oh boy, would I ever like to see them miss just once, but that’s not happening)
3. BC
4. Saskatchwan

*1. Montreal
*2. Hamilton
*3. Toronto
*4. Winnipeg


  1. Ottawa
  2. Atlantic

Wpg (CO) over Edm
Wpg (CO) over Cal

Ham over TO
Mon over Ham

Mon over Wpg (CO)

I would post both predictions on this post, but there is no need for that. Playoffs are pretty much the same.

It is still a bit early for predictions, but what the heck. It's all in good fun.


  • Montreal
  • Toronto
  • Hamilton

  • Ottawa


  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • BC

  • Saskatchewan
  • Winnipeg


  • Hamilton beats Toronto in Rogers Center

  • Edmonton hosts and ousts the Lions at home

  • Montreal edges Hamilton in the toilet stadium

  • Calgary gets even with the Sugar Plum Fairy

  • RedandWhite and Third_And_Ten have a beer together in Winnipeg...

…I’m with third…

I predict that RedandWhite will knit the dorkiest contraption of a thing for ______________ (you put the name here you want) to wear!

a) codpiece
b) flyfishing basket
c) cape
d) grenade belt

Kind of early, but with all the signings...what the heck.

b CALGARY (11-7) [/b](Good Depth, Strong defense, another year together)
b EDMONTON (10-8') [/b](Some players getting older, Will be there)
b BC (10-8') [/b](How will the Imports fit in? The new O-Linemen? Could be higher)
b WINNIPEG (9-9)[/b] (QB Position will be their Achilles heal)
b SASKATCHEWAN (5-13) [/b] (Shivers is managing this team like its his last year there.)

b MONTREAL (12-6) [/b](The Don will be back.)
b TORONTO (11-7) [/b](The ageless one will pass the torch to Crouch)
b HAMILTON (10-8')[/b] (Be patient maybe a slow start but should improve each game)
b OTTAWA (4-14) [/b](Could Challenge Hamilton's 1-17 record)

gees, no one here is giving Winnipeg a spot in the playoffs, intreresting.

........I hate predictions ...not knowing all of the final rosters...but what the hay...BARRING SERIOUS INJURIES..this is how i see it...for 06


1st...Calgary Stampeders.....very impressive off season signings to go with a well balanced team from last year...

2nd...Edmonton Eskimoes....always a lot of depth...retained most of their strength from last year...losing Maas will cost them first

3rd....Winnipeg Blue Bombers......good off-season signings to go along with a very good and experienced coaching staff should get them into the play-offs :arrow: 

 4th...B.C. Lions.......will be a dog fight for them this year....though I never under-estimate Wally...they could get'll be close..

 5th. Saskatchewan Roughriders.....too complacent in the off season for a team that had to improve not regress...


  1st....Toronto Argos....Solid team with probably the best returning unit in the CFL...Allen will get them to the top rung...if he stays healthy

  2nd....Hamilton Ti-Cats....Biggest improved and will be the biggest surprise in the CFL. this year...

  3rd....Montreal Alouettes.....they could be a close second...should be interesting..

  4th. Ottawa Rens.....will be last in this division and the league...

NOTE' if the Rens. fold ....this could alter the conferences...and changes will have to made due to re-alignment...

then just go with my prediction for an 8 team league, papa, it's pretty much the same story, but the East is a little different.

SM said: (QB Position will be their Achilles heal)

no kidding, Glenn has the numbers, but can't win the games

KJ or Jo anyone? Bombers still need a DB as well, any DB.





…I don’t agree with everyones assessment of Glenn…this will be his break-out year…and besides a very good defense can make a big difference…Bombers D will probably be one of the strongest units in the country in 06… :wink:

I agree papa…nobody gives Glenn any respect whatsoever…even after I projected his numbers from last season over the entire 18 games, had he not been injured, he would have been behind only Calvillo, Allen & Ray and he still had the most TD passes…the bomber offense scored more points last season then the eventual GC chimpions from Edmonton…with an experienced QB coach like Berry in his corner and another year under his belt things look pretty rosie for the Bombers & Glenn…


  • Montreal
  • Toronto
  • Hamilton
  • Ottawa


  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Saskatchewan
  • BC
  • Winnipeg

But really way too early to predict.

And I seriously think all of you are underestimating the Riders. regardless of what shivers is not doing.


  1. Edmonton
  2. Calgary
    3 and 4. Winnipeg or B.C. comes down to the last week of the season.
  3. Saskatchewan

The top three is between Montreal, Hamilton, and Toronto. Wil be come down to the last few weeks of the season.
4. Ottawa

No cross over this year.


1- Edmonton Eskimos (12-6)
2- Calgary Stampeders (11-7)
3- Winnipeg Blue Bombers (10-8 )
4- BC Lions (9-9)
5- Saskatchewan Roughriders (6-12)


1- Hamilton Tiger Cats (11-7) Hamilton wins tiebreaker
2- Montreal Allouettes (11-7)
3- Toronto Argonauts (9-9)
4- Ottawa Renegades (7-11)

Winnipeg over Calgary 23-20
Montreal over Toronto 31-22

Eskimos over Winnipeg 33-31
Hamilton over Montreal 26-20

[u]Grey Cup:[/u]

Eskimos over Ti-Cats 35-34

Ti-Cats could definately win it though.

I do not know about these picks, did Edmonton not end up the season in third place ( sure they won the Grey cup using Hamiltons Quarterback) but with Ray they were third. The also have lost some of their oline and that might take something to replace. Do not discount the Lions either they did win 11 games straight and really need to replace only a couple of guys and can do this again. Calgary they ended up second and may push for first but that see if they can push the lions off top spot. Winnipeg has made some good move. Coaching will be better and a couple of their additions just may move them up depending again the gelling factor. Usually this takes about mid season and they might be in the games this year. The riders they have a good team on paper but really were under achievers last year. If they find a few receivers that catch the ball Crandell just might be able to do it but my thinking this will not change. They need a new QB. They too will not be slouches though and may suprise.
Here is my Western picks

  1. BC
  2. Calgary
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Saskatchewan

Eastern teams:
Montreal the Don factor and the Pop factor just when you think this team will hurt do to losing key players POP finds new and improved players.
Toronto they will go into the season with basically the same team and here to coaching of Pinball will make them a contender. I have heard though some players are getting long in the tooth here but hey 42 year old QB playing like a youngster do not buy that. Hamilton finally getting their players after their trade with Edmonton and a few aquistions will make them better but improvements may not show up until mid season. Ottawa ouch do I bother even bringing this up, it is just sad that the gliebs were let back into Canada now thats put their pictures at Canada Customs as do not allow in!

Picks for the East

  1. Montreal
  2. Hamilton
  3. Ottawa

But remember if a team runs into injuries this can hurt a team.

I like that, Bombers over the Stamps, in the playoffs...sounds good to me..
Just have to work on , thumping the Esks....not bad predictions Eskstmac..

the only teams im concernd are hamilton,calgary and edmonton,ti cat fans this is not a complement i hate the ti cats and the stamps i just want revenge on the stamps for the grey cup they won

…my prediction is that the BB fans here are listening to Supertramp’s Crime of the Century, fourth song…