Predictions: Peep this.

Hamilton will finish with a record of 9-9, edging out Toronto for the final playoff spot in the East. They'll play Montreal in the first round, Winnipeg in the second, and BC in the Grey Cup Final.

Saskatchewan will beat Calgary in the first round, and BC will knock out the Riders to advance to the finals.

haha....the funny thing is that I definitely think if they keep the momentum rolling that your prediction could definitely come true (at least for the cats)

I definetly feel that people are overestimating how weak the Tiger-Cats "are" (more like were), and underestimating just how weak Toronto is (and perhaps even Montreal).

We can still make the playoffs, and if its outdoors in the snow where the running game is king (and we've got Jesse and a good O-line), we could make some serious noise. I would love Winnipeg to finish first in the division and us to finish 2nd, insuring both playoff games would be played outdoors.

:rockin: I like those stats and if they continue to play as they have been, it will become a reality. I can hardly contain myself waiting for the next game. Go Cats Go? :D

I like it.

Wait until the Nellies read this thread.

LOL... here they come!

i can live with 9-9 for this season, but who knows how far this team could be going?,wishful thinking but a lot of work to do before grey cup is a reality

I told my Dad when I got us GC tix last fall that I was taking him to a Cats game in November ... and I'm hopeful!

Easy now, we are 1-5. It will take some amazing ball to get to 9-9. We are in a big hole right now but if we can get some breaks we might be able to string out a couple wins and maybe be a contender to play in a playoff game.

What big hole are you talking about?.. The Bummers have THREE wins.. we have 1, MTL has 3.. that darn Blue team has TWO... what hole?... a win this week puts us in tight with all East teams.

They are only going to lose 4 more games? I know the rebuildimg is underway, but that is a stretch. Probably more like 7-11.