Predictions: OTT at SK

What is your final score prediction for this Friday's game:

Mine is SK 28 OTT 15

Saskatchewan 31 - Ottawa 28

Ottawa 24 - Sask 21

Ottawa should take this one. Nealons turned out to be halve the QB he was expected to be and Joseph has looked good.

I think that the riders will be angry, and get up for this one!!!

Riders 48 - Ottawa 17

I think this will be a close one and if the OC for the Riders does nothing with the Game plan it could be another blow out. But if he changes and adds a few plays that are not so predictable then it will be close. I lean towards Ottawa right now. I hope there is no Joseph Suckks shirts!

If the Riders show up and are fired up from the get go, we win!

If not, were in for another long weekend.
Although I'll be at the Maxville Highland Games anyways so I can always drown my sorrows :slight_smile:

I think the Riders will win if there morale is up or they'll lose again, they have to put the awful Stampeder game behind them and focus on one game at a time.

Ottawa has looked good vs all the top teams so far this year. And put on a clinic vs the Stamps.

Riders are banged up.

34 Gades
21 Riders.

Riders 28
Renegades 23
Renegades late comback comes up short

Barrett has been hot since the loss, should wake the boys up...It's still not going to be enough Ottawa by 7..

It all depends on if they come out ready to play.

Should be a close game. The 'Gades will also be in a bad mood after their play against the Esks.

3 starters back on Defence will make a huge difference for the Riders, and Rens are a little banged up. Riders should win. Riders by 14.

Nealon hasn't played bad at all by the way, and wasn't really at fault for the loss in Calgary.

so true


i think im gonna agree with manage because that will have a huge impact on the game

riders 103, ottawa negative 7

The Roughriders, an average team, will go into this game still thinking that they are better than they really are and thinking that last week was an aberration that they don't have to account for. Ottawa, another average team with just as many injuries as the Roughriders, but who seem to be learning from their mistakes and getting better will win by a touchdown.

it doenst matter if they get up for it,, thye still suck

Well, looks like the Riders blew another one. Biggest problem seemed to be Greene. I really thought that he would have a breakout year this year - my only concern was his medium to long passes. So far, it looks like I'm wrong. He has been unable to connect with anything longer than 10-15 yards. Now Danny Barrett is in an interesting spot. Do you go with Crandell? I'm starting to think that you have to give him at least a shot.

Defense played well, as did McCallum. Ottawa only scored 10 points on offense. The safeties and touchdown both belong to the offense's inability to score.

Oh well. Nothing new. We'll see what they do next week. If only BC can manage to beat Calgary....