Predictions of who the Ticats might draft tonight

It would be great if you guys could make your predictions as well.
I think our biggest needs are
Dline either a DT that could replace Ted Laurent in a fee years and maybe a ratio buster at DE as there are two in this draft.
We also need kicker/ punter to replace Lirum and there are 4 good one in this draft.
We always need olineman and Mike Filer is nearing the end of his career do we likely need a guy that can play center and I have a guy in mind.
We also need a receiver with Mike Jones
Not having been signed.
We usually pick a bunch of guys that should excel in special teams usually linebackers and db's or fast athletic DE's
We also will take the best player available if he is head and shoulders above a positional requirement.

Ticats Predicted picks in 2020 Draft.

36 .

It's not Groundhog Day - the draught already happened.

Now I want a nice pint of draught...

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Me too. I'm buying (at the virtual neighbourhood bar of your choice, of course). :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :+1: :grinning:

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"I'll drink to that !" - Kid Shelleen in Cat Ballou

Pat Lynch ( I miss the cold beer in the backyard)

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