Predictions for year end team awards

So seeing as the team nominees will soon be selected for the year end league awards here are my predictions on who our finalists will / should be . So have a look and see if you agree with me or if not then tell me who you would select instead .

Most Outstanding Player : I’m thinking a toss up between either Tim White or James Butler.

Most Outstanding Canadian : Stavros Katsantonis

Most Outstanding Specials : Carthell Flowers-Lloyd

Most Outstanding O-Lineman : Brandon Revenberg

Most Outstanding Defense : Jameer Thurman

Most Outstanding Rookie : Taylor Powell


Butler: He makes maximum impact each and every game.


looks bang on.
Make your pick on MOP and lets see if you nailed it 100%.

I think Simoni has an outside chance still for MOD


Thanks Iceman . It’s a toughee right now between White and Butler for MOP at the moment . They are IMO virtually neck and neck for the nomination and I would think it will comedown to how each of them performs in these last 5 regular season games . Now with saying all that , you did ask me to make a definitive pick so I will lean towards Butler to get the final nomination .

As for Simmy getting the Defensive honours ? I would personally LOVE to see it . :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: . When one stops to think about it we really haven’t had only one player stand out on our defense this year . It seems like every game there is a different player or players who have taken turns stepping up to the plate .


I might actually nominate Kats for MODP as well as MOC.
Butler for MOP.
Agree with the rest.


Can we do the bizarro world award rankings? The alternate reality where we’re dominating the league?

Most Outstanding Player : Bo Levi Mitchell

Most Outstanding Canadian : Chris Van Zeyl

Most Outstanding Specials : Seth Small

Most Outstanding O-Lineman : Alex Fontana

Most Outstanding Defense : Ja’Gared Davis

Most Outstanding Rookie : Justin McGriff

Most Improved Player: Jake Burt


good list but I had Bailey Flint over Seth Small by a whisker
And Jamie Newman edging out BO


Good choices…Butler MOP so far IMO, but Timmy is a good choice as well.


How could you possibly have CVZ as your top Canadian but not as your top O-Lineman ? . Fontana I grant you was a noble and worthy pick but come on man over CVZ ? Also I think that in your Specials and Rookie category the nomination should actually read “Most Outstanding Specials and Rookies on the Suspended List Category”
Finally in the Most Improved Player category it should read as “Most Improved Player that Actually Never Really Played Category”

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And this just in …the winners for team awards are announced… I got four out of my six predictions right . The only ones I missed were the Defensive and Special Team award winners .

Here are our finalists in each category…


The list looks good to me. Maybe Thurman over Simoni, but Simoni has been very impactful. I thought this was his last year as a Cat , but now I think he will be back for 2024.

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Yes I think that Simoni has shown and proven this year that he still has some tread on the tires and some gas left in the tank . I also believe that he will be back in 2024 .


Here are all the finalists from around the league in each category…

All excellent choices!


I would have liked to see CF-L get the MOSTP nomination, but McAllister also has contributed to the Offencce.

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I agree . The problem is that the majority of reporters that get to vote on these awards only look at who is catching the punt or kick and not on who is doing the tackling . I do agree though that McCallister is also a worthy nomination for that category .

Hopefully CF-L gets rewarded with a year end selection to the Eastern and league All-Star team for his outstanding accomplishments and contributions this season in leading the league by a wide margin in STT .


WELL, you probably put more thought into your selections so lets go with your picks!!

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MOSTP award was established to reward returners. Full stop. If there isn’t an exceptional one of or even an average one only then do they look at K/P. A great, consistent downfield tackler is never going to win it.

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There’s always that one rare exception…

Beswick ended up being the Eastern nominee for the award in 2013 and lost to Rene Peredes who set a new league record that year with a 94.7% field goal success rate

You may be right that a great downfield tackler will never win it but its not completely outside the realm of possibilities :wink: