Predictions for week 6

now somthing other than cry baby bomber fans what are you predictions for week 6 mine are...

Saskatchewan - Toronto = Sask wins 24 - 14

Montreal - Hamilton = Montreal wins in a blow out 46 - 17

Edmonton - Winnipeg = Winnipeg Sucks Edmonton wins 28 - 10

Calgary - BC = As much as i hate Calgary they win in a close one 21 - 17

post your pics

we are going to beat your Riders SO bad come labor day Classics.

toronto over sask- damon beat jospeh anyday.

montreal over hamitlon- BLOW OUT!!!!

Winnipeg over edmonton-winnipeg easily beat edmonton when edmonton put up their A game. eskimos are no comparison to the bombers

BC over calgary- calgarys not that good, BC is

Sask vs TO - Sask they are at home and Allen will need some time to get back into his usual form. 31-20 riders

Montreal vs Hamilton - Hamilton is going off a big win and Montreal might be just a little too sure of themselves after the winnipeg game. 21-20 Hamilton

BC vs Calgary - Calgary has the most balanced offence in the league. DD will be at top form after giving up huge int against the riders. this one will be a shootout and will be won by the kickers so... 56-41 stamps.

Winnipeg vs Edmonton - We are going to findout if the bombers are for real or not. Last week it sure looked like they arent. the defence will be on fire but i think Ray will pick them apart for 7-10 yards at a time when it matters. This will be the total opposite of the BC-Calgary game. 17-8 edmonton

.....I like hershel's crystal ball....

should these be on Big D's V Grey Cup Challenge?