Predictions For Week 2

Its nice to have 2 accounts isnt it RLR

Nice try there, no dice. And if you are checking our IP addresses, you are quite the creep I must say. Now, back on topic.


Roar/LA Lion/Bobby P/Retrievel/FYB/geroysimon82

Checking IPs is part of the job......

have to agree with this

My picks are as follows...

I going to hate to say this... so I won't which means Edmonton. I don't care what anybody says Edmonton will win and now I don't have to wash my mouth out with soap.

Second prediction if i may be so bold.

Ricky Ray is going to spend late Thursday
night soaking in a cold tub.

My prediction is that I'll have no hair left after the game, I don't know how much the Eskies play will take a toll on that but looking after 4 kids at the game could have me going up the wall.

All talk. No Grey Cup. Again., good luck with that...let them each have a red bull before the game too!....

I predict that will be 4 winners and 4 losers this week.. barring a tie game. :roll:

I further your prediction sambo and say there will be two from the west and two from the east. Barring a tie game or two.

I forgot they were divisional games... :oops:

Riders will beat the Lions this week

Yay Lions

Following on my 0-4 predictions in week 1, i'm going to make some more this week, most of which are likely to not come true:

Hamilton for the surprising road win.

Calgary collects another win over the Esks to add to those from last year and preseason this year.

The Lions play for the home crowd, win in a close one. Both QBs see playing time for them.

I dare not predict MTL/WPG.

I predict someone will complain about the officiating :wink: