Predictions for tonight's games?

Let’s talk some actual football for a minute

Any thoughts on tonight’s preseason games?

Calgary at BC
Edmonton at Winnipeg
Montreal at Ottawa

Now that we’re a few days past the first cut-down day, there should be more starters playing for longer periods than in the first round of preseason games. In other words, these will be more like regular season games.

Let’s hear those predictions.

Calgary will probably win again.
Edmonton in a walk over the Bombers
Montreal over Ottawa

Usually, preseason games are not high on strategy. Coaches keep their special plays for when it counts. (Jeremaine Copeland’s TD pass being an exception to that… but Higgins is known for using tricky plays in bizarre situations… ain’t I right Eskies fans? :slight_smile: )

So I doubt anything will be representative.

Calvillo won’t complete the game tonight even if the score is thinght and Ottawa has victory at hand. The Don doesn’t care about preseason wins.

As well, for Montreal, Matthews needs to make a decision about our future kicker. So don’t expect us to go for it on 3rd and short, because we have to see as many punts and FG tries.

I believe Montreal should pull tonight’s victory, but I really don’t mind. I hope Gauthier has a second great outing and I hope Ted White fails again so he might drop in the depth chart.

Edmonton and BC should win the other two contests. Hugh Campbell will have high blood pressure if its team doesn’t beat Winnipeg twice in a row. In the other game, I have no reason to expect Calgary to fail, but I give the victory to BC because that team just seem to have no weaknesses.

BC over Calgary by 7 (final touchdown by BC for the win)
Edmonton over Winnipeg by 14 (if not more)
Ottawa and Montreal is to close to call. The Als already lost once to them. BUt i think that they’ll come back it wont happen twice in a row.

I’m a bit suprise about your comments on Ted White. I don’t think we really had a chance to see him on a long run. The Don never put him on the field when he had a chance last year, and we all know that that was a reallllly stupid thing to do. Maybe it’s because i haven’t been arround CFL for a long time but, has he ever played somewhere else before ?

Anyway, why are you saing this ? no offence, i’m just curious.

Als Fan

P.S. your right about Phil Gauthier, i was really, really, really impress by him.

Calgary at B.C - This is a hard one…ehh…I’ll pick Calgary for the fun of it plus Jermaine Copeland is one of my FAVOURITE players and I have feeling about him this season and I think it will be a good one.
EDMONTON at WINNIPEG - Finally, the last pre-season game for the Bombers…this has to be Winnipeg’s win…its beautiftul outside with GREAT weather, the sun shining…the 25 000 fans screaming (i’ll be screaming with CJOB - WOO) and the bombers will be pumped!!!..I just have a feeling that Winnipeg will win this game and be set for the …riders
Montreal at Ottawa - Montreal… Lose one… Win one

I’m just stoked for the Bombers game tonight here in the peg…but anyways I’m picking Calgary, WINNIPEG and Montreal. The season is getting closer!!! :smiley:

prior to preseason i predicted every game would go under, and would more than likey be 4-1 thus far, so will stick with that forecast:

ottawa 21-17
edmonton 23-14
bc 35-6


B.C. Over calgary by 10 points
Winnipeg wins by a field goal
Montreal wins by 10+ points


Winnipeg over Edm…tune-up time for season opener
B.C. over CAL… will be closer than a few people think
Mont. will beat the Rens…also in a close one.

Calgary will beat BC
Winnipeg over Edmonton
Ottawa stuns Montreal again (one can only hope)

Well guys looks like this
Montreal over Ottawa 36-17
Edmonton Over Winnipeg 23-9 (hey i was rite about the esks winning by 14 :mrgreen:
and BC over Calgary 32-16
looks like i went perfect howd the rest of ya do???

Ticats_Fans_86, I went perfect too.

All stars? What are you kidding me? Is this going to be the trend for you all season. Chirp chirp chirp all week and then make excuses after they lose? The fact of the matter is that the talent the Esks put on the field last night HAD a better game LAST night. Sure there were more starters playing then there were last week for both teams, but it was still JUST exhibition and still being used solely by both teams to evaluate the remaining newcomers in camp.

Expansion team? Get serious. The term, if any, is rebuilding and I’m not convinced that is even the case. Don’t you think you should wait for the regular season to get underway before you throw in the towel like that?
I’d be willing to bet management and players and pretty much the rest of the Bomber fans don’t view it that way.

I wonder how long you have been a Bombers fan? The guy’s name is Khari Jones and from what I heard on the talk show last night was that he had decent stats, nothing spectacular. He was sacked 4 or 5 times although opinion was that he didn’t make the reads or get rid of the ball soon enough. I don’t have the numbers in front of me but I don know that he drove the offense down for a touchdown (not sure if TD pass) and that he was intercepted once. Apparently there was a mixed reaction for him ranging from cheers to boos.


Burning question…How many interceptions will Danny Mac throw tonight?