Predictions for tonights game VS the Eskies

As a Blue Bomber fan, i have to cheer on the Bombers, but this year this club has shown good and bad, we should be able to take advantage of those injuries on The Esks Defense, but at the same time Ricky Ray is capable of tearing our defense apart, should be a good game and we need to get MORE pressure od Ray or he will tear us apart by himself. We also need to re-establish the running game with Reid and Bernard and it looks like we are going with the same reciever's as last week as Edwards is still feeling symptoms from his concussion, we need to mae thos EASY catches (Mr. Bowman).

If we cannot exploit the Esks Defense and stop Ray, we are in for a long night (final score Edmonton 35 - Bombers 17)

If we can exploit the Esks Defense, Establish our running game, hang onto the ball and most importantly PUT PRESSURE ON RAY, we should see a close game (Bombers 28 - Eskimo's 27)

"We are coming off a win against the Argo's, but we are still fired up, long time since we had a win and we would like that to continue." Doug Brown on CJOB

Yes Doug, we know that, but Edmonton is coming off a very dissapointing loss - it all comes down to who wants it more!! Bombers need a win to stay in the playoff picture, should be a hard hitting battle to the end.... At least we hope from a Bomber perspective!!

....get to Ray and it could be very interesting.....Apparently a few esks. have said we are the 'laughing stock' of the league.....(guess they didn't look at the 09 argos lol)...The schmoes don't impress me a heluva lot....and their d stinks....Someones gonna be ' laughing ' tonight.....We'll see.. :wink:

If ever there is a team to have a second consecutive good week offensively against, it’s Edmonton…we’ll see what happens!

Well the one caution I'd throw in there is that their D might be improved. . . I think that Randee Drew and Byron Parker are superior to who they've had back there. . . so if you add Drew and Parker to Goss, Keyes, and Robinson, suddenly that secondary isn't as weak as it was.

The knock against Parker is that he's a gambler, looking for an INT and sometimes blowing coverage to try to get one. . . but he's up against Bishop. . . who has a tendency to get intercepted.

Replacing Romero with Haywood is not an upgrade, so I do agree that Winnipeg should be running the ball, a lot.

But yes, getting pressure on Ray will be a key. . .that said I'm hard pressed to think of a CFL QB, past or present, who is better at handling it than Ricky Ray. The guy must have icewater in his veins, I've never seen him get rattled.

All true...we can't afford to take this D lightly...

You really have to question what type of game shape a number of the additions are in. Hayward hasn't played since TC. Malbrough hasn't played since last season. Randee Drew was on the Als PR and hasn't played in a game in over a year. Byron Parker hasn't played a defensive down since he came back to the CFL so is he is CFL-game shape yet. Scott Gordon at safety will be playing his first game since the season openner.

Malbrough won't be playing.

Thanks. I thought I read he was but when I went back to check he wasn't mentioned.

Is Tristan Jackson playing or not? I saw an article in the Edmonton Journal that said he thought he was ready to come back but I haven't seen anywhere that he is playing.

Bombers win this one with same game plan as last week. If they go into this game wasting down after down trying to get their ridiculous NFL running game going they lose.

More passing and less running, that is the key to victory.

Hoping it is a good game. Both teams have a lot at stake.

Very entertaining game, especialy the first half. Congrats to the Bombers, great team victory.