Predictions for tomorrow


Edmonton 35 - Winnipeg 21, Tristan will break loose and someone will win the million dollars, sadly it won't be me. Milt Steagall will refuse to talk to media, again.

Saskatchewan 28 - B.C. 27, Home team advantage, Saskatchewan fans will be the difference.

people will complain about the reffing
people will get drunk at the games and be assinine
people will call for the losing coaches to be fired
people will still be complaining about sat games

There will be no NFL games tomorrow
There will be a ton of NHL games tomorrow

Its gonna rain in BC

My company should arrive by 4:00 PST

I see a lot of housework and cleaning up in my future for tomorrow.

Supper is going to be delicious.

Got the Saskatchewan game covered, any predictions on the EDM @ WPG game?

people will stay sober, and still be assinine :twisted:

Its football its one game winner take all. Flip a coin that should be about as accurate as anyone's predictions.

What time is Supper? I'm moving to Delta end of this month so we could be Neighbours.

Just for the record, if my Eskimos should lose tomorrow, it should be noted that I've been calling for Danny M.'s head since last season.

Duly noted, I also predict that anything short of a Grey Cup appearance will cost DM his job.

Well.... at least I won't be sober, I do like your other prediction however. :stuck_out_tongue:

Saskatchewan 23 B.C. 17 -- don't like Sask's QB situation at all, but with that defense and home field, they'll do just enough to win

Winnipeg 26 Edmonton 24 -- how's this for a bold prediction: Serna hits the game-winning FG as time expires

I think the good Bishop shows up tommorow and the Riders win by double digits. 36 to 24 Rider victory. Buck Pierce is hurting and can't put any zip on the ball. B.C's best bet would be to go with Jackson.

Oh and the other game I don't really care about. Winnipeg will come out on top 24-22.

I'm moving to the new homes on 84th ,We havn't bought a stove yet as we spent all our money , were going to use my daughters ''Easy bake oven'' not sure how long it will take to cook our Christmas Turkey. Might see you around. Enjoy the game tommorrow.

Saskatchewan 27 BC 17
Winnipeg 30 Edmonton 21

I just had the worst dream ever. Riders and the Lions were in a shoot out of a game. The Lions were ahead with just a little over 2 minutes left. Bishop was having one heck of a game. He drove the team down and scored making it 45 to 42 Riders, but was hurt because he did a quarterback sneak. Ian Smart then took the next kickoff for a touchdown. Jyles came in and there was mass confussion. They wasted over a minute on like 3 plays. Nooooooooo. Luckily it was only a dream.

But what if you've somehow untapped the capabilities of your brain to foretell the future making you modern day football prophet. Don't fret over the impending Rider loss, think of the opportunities! I'll be your manager and we'll travel the country as you unleash your startling revelations to the masses. I've already booked your first appearance it's at a fruit stand on Highway #1. Here to make you look even more authentic I even got you a crystal ball.

All right, prediction time...

The Riders will be at home, but the Lions will come in hungry. Bishop has a decent game but still manages to throw two picks. The Lions will take it 29-25

The Bombers have home field and poor conditions, which favour them, but the Eskimos will march into the Peg determined, and with Ray leading it, they'll be marching straight through the Peg to Montreal. Campbell will burn the Bombers for a huge play, and Tristan will return either a kick or punt for a TD. The Eskimos will take it 36-28

Close, Weather prevented Jackson from breaking one but he was a factor. Still haven’t heard from Milt.

Well, my score is a little off, but I did get the 8 point difference. Tristan didn't run one back, but he was a factor. Finally, I did get the Campbell prediction right; he did have a big play.