Predictions for this week

Went 2-2 last week again.
BC vs Hamilton
Im taking Hamilton I think they will play there best game of the year. They played them close in the previous game and I took them the last 2 games against Saskatchewan so eventually they will win and I will be able to say I told you so.
Saskatchewan vs Edmonton
Im taking Edmonton their at home on grass (playing that is) Saskatchewan getting a little too confident again and Edmontons showed their not that bad recently vs the Lions. Sorry Saskatchewan people
Winnipeg vs Toronto
Im taking Winnipeg the Bombers turn it up a notch this week and Torontos lack of offence finally catches up with them.
Montreal vs Calgary
Im going to say Calgary too many distractions in Montreal and they just dont have it this year

ahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....The Edmonton Edmontons...Bobby Im sorry but I say you'll go 0-4 maybe 1-3 if Burris plays(I sincerely doubt it cuz they are saving him for when it matters, which I dont agree with being a Rider fan, but its their perrogative) and Calgary wins.


Im hoping the Riders win and the Lions lose, just so that the final week is much more interesting lol

BC>Hamilton.... I wanna see Printers play like he did 2 weeks ago, I was FINALLY impressed.

Sask RR>Edmonton... Are the EE gonna play this week?! Even if they don't, Saskatchewans been amazing the past two weeks! (my prarie neighbors, tell Fantuz!)

This is where the bias starts----

Winnipeg>Toronto... This is just a feeling. If I was going on stats for the past couple game, Toronto win for sure. I love my Bombers, and I really think (hope) they will step it up this week!! Get into that grind they were in mid-season.

---- This is where the bias ends

Calgary > Montreal... Sorry Montreal, Im sure Big. B will be playing, and if not Sankeys got the chops to take you down.

It's only an opinion, dont be mad if I didnt pick your team.

Lets see how this rolls out...