Predictions for the weekend

I know its still a couple days away, but I'm excited for the game. Will we win this weekend? I say yes. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers, without a running game will get beat this weekend by the Riders. Even though we have no recievers, we have a quarterback who can scrammble. Riders 22 Winnipeg 15.

I actually picked Winnipeg to take this one. I hope I am completely wrong but I just have a feeling. And the Riders always seem to have trouble here.

The reason we always had trouble with the Bombers is because we had to respect Roberts ability. We'll with Smith not knowing the scheme's and plays...their running plays should be pretty easy to pick up on and smith and glenn should have some issues. This will allow us to concentrate more on their receivers (which is their real offensive threat).

Riders D comes up big again....Bish has a okay game again, Riders win 27 to 12

Its to early. Will Chick play? Will Dressler play? Will Boreham play? Who plays for Bowman?

Other than Charles Roberts does anyone know this? Any other Bombers not playing?

Chick will, Dressler will, and Boreham probably won't.

Fill in for Bowman is likely Gerran Walker.

Fred Reid will be the running back for the Bombers.
From what I've seen last year he has what it takes.

Fred Reid is dangerous but he has a similiar running style to Roberts so hopefully with Berry still as coach he will make Reid a non factor. If Smith is in I think we still have to be wary of him he can run up the middle and it shouldn't take him to long to learn those plays.

Riders will take this one. It's our year for the home and home sweep. The receivers will step up tomorrow too.

Saskatchewan will win, but by less than 7pts.

Riders will have more sacks than the Bombers will have in points...adding Chick to our already dominant Defense...look out. Glenn will be on the run so much he'll burn out right after the game, just in time for the Bomber fan/media bus to catch up and run him over!

Low scoring game...Riders take it by around 10 points

Although, my football pool was almost bang on last week (My score was 22-3...had the Bombers last field goal been a Rider one I would have won). This weeks score on the pool: Riders 38 Winnipeg 3. I'm sure the Winnipeg score will be close on that end...

I predict that if the Bombers lose today that Berry will be fired this week! GO RIDERS!!